The Best Holiday Recipes of All Time

We’ve got all the recipes you’ll need to get through the holiday season—from appetizers to cookies and everything in between. 

These holiday appetizers (think decadent baked Brie and classy bite-size meatballs) will make your party the one to beat. 

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Baked Brie with Cranberries and Pomegranate

Ooey, gooey, sweet and savory. This appetizer looks super fancy but couldn’t be easier to make. Get the recipe

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The Crispiest Potato Latkes Ever

Whether you’re making them for Hanukkah or you just have a craving for those delicious fried potato pancakes, this holiday staple is perfect all year. Get the recipe

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Baked Gorgonzola Bites

Greatest party appetizer ever. And there are only five ingredients. Get the recipe

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The Creamiest Brussels Sprouts in the Universe

Just when you thought Brussels sprouts couldn’t get any better. Get the recipe

Whether you’re looking for holiday classics or vegetarian options, these entrées are sure to become your new favorites. 

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7 Feast of the Seven Fishes Recipes You'll Want to Make All Year Long

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Cocktails. Mocktails. Warm and cozy. Chilled and cheery. Whatever you’re in the mood for, have a glass...or two. It is the holidays, after all.

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9 Punch-Bowl Cocktails to Make Over the Holidays

The hostess with the mostest shouldn’t stand in a corner preparing individual drinks for each and every one of her guests. Here, nine big-batch blends that make it easy for everyone to get their party on.

Slow-cooker Hot Chocolate

Move over, Swiss Miss. Slow-cooker hot chocolate is what holiday dreams are made of.

Prepare for everyone to ooh and aah when you serve up these sweet holiday treats. (We’re quite partial to the gingerbread lattice cookies and mini mason jar apple pies ourselves...)

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Chocolate Banana Bread Babka

Like banana bread and babka had a baby. Get the recipe

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Apple Tart with Soft-Pretzel Crust

Your classic apple pie just got an upgrade. Get the recipe

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Butterscotch Icebox Cookies

’Tis the season for baking cookies. Get the recipe 

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Peppermint Candy Platter

Some DIY projects we roll our eyes at (yeah right, gingerbread castle). But some DIY projects are absolutely worth it. Like this edible serving platter made of peppermint candies. 

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Homemade Milano Cookies

Light, buttery and filled with chocolate. What’s not to love?

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Chocolate Chip Cookies

Some people crave soft and chewy, and others thin and crispy. So we created recipes for cookie lovers in both camps.

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The Fastest Way to Decorate a Cookie or Cake

No need for a slew of fancy tools or next-level skills to add a special touch to your holiday confections

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The 12 Best Holiday Slow-Cooker Desserts

Set it and forget it (and then devour it).

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Mini Mason Jar Apple Pies

The easiest upgrade ever for apple pie? Mini mason jar apple pies. The individual portions are just the right amount, and the whole mason jar thing is way more impressive than a boring pie dish. 

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Chocolate Glazed Espresso Cheesecake

Everyone needs a little pick-me-up. Sometimes it’s a latte. Sometimes it’s chocolate. Our espresso cheesecake is a little bit of both. It’s New York–style—extra tall and rich—and coated in a chocolate glaze.

The Genius And Mess-free Way To Ice A Cake

Presenting the easiest (and most Insta-worthy) way to ice a cake. We’ll give you one hint: No silverware necessary.

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Dairy-Free Cheesecake

You can use the words indulgent and dairy-free in the same sentence. Like when describing this indulgent dairy-free cheesecake recipe with blueberry topping. It’s rich yet virtuous, which is achieved without using cream cheese or butter or even flour.

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18 Holiday Drinks We Scored from Pinterest

We love any occasion that allows you to kick back with a seasonal sipper that instantly puts you in a cheery mood.