You Can Now Pay for Uber with Your Venmo Balance

With Uber split payments so ubiquitous on the Venmo app, it only makes sense that the two tech companies would join forces to make paying for a ride and food even easier.

PayPal (which owns Venmo) just announced it will be introducing a “Pay with Venmo” option in the Uber app in the coming weeks for both the ride-sharing service and UberEats food delivery app. This means you can use your Venmo balance to pay for an Uber with just one tap, instead of paying with the card connected to your Uber account. Venmo has already been trying to fight off rising competition from other virtual wallets apps by introducing things like a Venmo debit card and Grubhub and Seamless integration.

One small step for our wallets, one giant chunk out of our Venmo balance.

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