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Uber Just Added New Pickup Features So You Never Have to Call Your Driver Again

We’ve all been there: You’re waiting outside the airport terminal after lugging a giant suitcase through hordes of people, and *finally* your Uber app says the driver is “arriving now”…but you can’t locate the black Toyota to save your life. After several misguided attempts (Departures? Arrivals? Lower Level? Door 6? Door 3?), the driver has to cancel (and you’re at your wit’s end).

Don’t get us wrong: We love the ease and convenience of ride sharing apps like Uber. But pickups can be one of the most frustrating scenarios, which is why the company just added three new features to make the process a bit easier.

The first tool, called Spotlight, lets riders hold their phone in the air with a glowing color (like red or yellow) which makes it easier for the right driver to spot you (especially at night). The second lets riders select from a list of text messages, like “I’m at the corner” or “Be right there,” that is read aloud to the driver to minimize texting distractions while letting the driver know your status without a phone call. You can also type in a customized message (“I’m wearing a red hat”) to alert the driver to the correct pickup. 

Last, Uber now guarantees on-time pickups for scheduled rides, meaning riders can select a time frame to be picked up for an important meeting or flight departure. If the driver doesn’t show during the specified window, the company will award a credit to the rider’s account.

No word yet on our suggestion for an “UberPizza” option… We’ll wait.

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