This ‘Night Queen’ Theory Will Really Mess You Up (Sorry in Advance)

As far as we were concerned, Daenerys Targaryen’s many titles were just dictionary soup.

“Queen of the Andes Mints, Breaker of Canes and Khaleesi of the Pride Lands and everything the light touches” etc., etc. It gets to be a mouthful very quickly. But, if we had been paying more attention, we would’ve realized one very important title could hold the key to Dany’s fate for the last season of Game of Thrones.

As one Redditor pointed out, Dany also holds the title of “the unburnt,” which means she’s immune to fire. (She got the moniker when we saw her walk out of the Dothraki temple in season six, episode four unharmed as all the Khals went up in flames inside.)

The theory speculates that if Daenerys doesn’t survive the giant Battle of Winterfell (and she probably won’t, considering “many beloved characters will die,” according to HBO’s VP Francesca Orsi), then she may be turned into a White Walker by the Night King, and then become the Night Queen (dun, dun, dun).

She’ll get the throne she always wanted and dreamed of as a child, and she’ll be reunited with her ice-dragon Viserion again.

And since her body can’t be burnt (which is how the dead have to be disposed of in the North for fear of creating more undead ice zombies), she’ll be basically indestructible, riding off into the long, dark night on her ice dragon (until Jon Snow has to plunge a shard of dragonglass through her cold, dead heart—nooooo!).

Nope, this isn’t the love story we were hoping for. (Unless, of course, the Night King and Queen live happily ever…in which case, rock on.)