40 Mushroom Recipes That Will Make You Fall in Love with the Controversial Vegetable

We know, we know. There’s no vegetable (well, fungi) more polarizing than mushrooms. But hear us out: They’re a surprisingly versatile (not to mention tasty) addition to meat dishes, pastas and salads alike. The key is cooking them properly with simple ingredients that bring out their earthy, umami-rich flavor. Here are 40 mushroom recipes that will lead the way.

From White Button to Enoki, the Ultimate Guide to Every Type of Mushroom

1. Baked Chicken And Mushroom Risotto

A risotto that’s creamy sans stirring? And ready to devour in 45 minutes? Believe it, friends.

2. Grain-free Mushroom, Spinach And Leek Pasta

Even though it’s vegetarian (and gluten-free!), you won’t miss the meat. Nutritional yeast, ghee and shiitake mushrooms give it plenty of savory flavor.

3. Mini Skillet Pizzas With Mushrooms And Roasted Tomatoes

You had us at mini (and again at pizza). And since the recipe calls for store-bought pizza dough, it's decidedly low-lift.

4. Easy Skillet Mushroom And Gouda Fondue

We’ve never said no to cheese. Serve this skillet masterpiece with plenty of toasted bread, apple slices, raw veggies or crackers for dipping.

5. Poblano And Mushroom Tacos With Tomatoes And Goat Cheese

Take a break from beef next Taco Tuesday with these veggie-heavy handhelds.

6. Easy Skillet Linguine With Trumpet Mushroom ‘scallops’

This easy, earthy dinner is low-cal and comes together in less than 30 minutes. Plus, who knew mushrooms were the perfect vegan alternative to shellfish?

7. Portobello Mushrooms Stuffed With Barley Risotto

Bowls…who needs ’em? These hearty stuffed shrooms will work their way into your fall dinner rotation in no time.

8. Dorie Greenspan’s Sheet-pan Balsamic Chicken With Baby Potatoes And Mushrooms

Crispy, tangy and roasty. If you like to keep Thanksgiving low-key, we're betting your guests won't mind noshing on these instead of turkey.

9. Easy 30-minute Beef Stroganoff

Our rendition of this buttery, rich classic is ridiculously easy to make, and lightning fast to boot. All it's missing is a glass of red wine.

10. Roasted Veggie And Ricotta Pizza

Bring on the seasonal produce. We're talking mushrooms, butternut squash, shallots and fennel.

11. Vegan Butternut Mac And ‘cheese’ With Smoky Shiitake ‘bacon’

Here, shiitake mushrooms are transformed into an uncanny vegan bacon substitute that pairs seamlessly with the cashew-based "cheese" sauce.

12. Portobello And Avocado Quesadillas With Magic Green Sauce

No, seriously—the sauce is that good. Chalk it up to a mélange of fresh herbs, buttery avocado, briny capers and fresh lime juice.

13. Restorative Miso Noodle Soup

Chicken noodle? We don't know her. Catch us making this 30-minute gem to combat every cold we get this winter.

14. Soft Polenta And Mushroom Bowls

Proof that polenta can be delicious without being doused in butter and cheese. Here, it's finished with avocado oil, basil pesto and fresh veggies instead.

15. Creamy Parmesan Mushroom Cornish Hen Skillet

Twenty minutes of prep + one hour in the oven + your trusty cast-iron skillet = a fancy meal for the books. Might we suggest hosting a dinner party to show it off?

16. Vegan Lentil-mushroom Burgers

This juicy number is a far cry from the hockey puck-like veggie patties you've endured in the past. Here, lentils ensure a tender texture.

17. Vegan Spaghetti Squash With Mushroom Marinara Sauce

Even your Nonna would approve of the nuanced tomato sauce, meaty shrooms and buttery squash in place of spaghetti.

18. Crispy Mushrooms

Proof that mushrooms don't need much more than a roast in the oven and a few pantry staples to taste delicious.

19. Whole Roasted Pumpkin Stuffed With Wild Mushrooms And Gruyère

It's not really fall until you've eaten a meal straight out of a gourd. Even the roast bird would be jealous with this dish on the Thanksgiving table.

20. 20-minute Mushroom Stroganoff

Behold: a vegetarian take on beef stroganoff that's just as flavorful and comforting. The shrooms are flambéed in whiskey before being finished with crème fraîche and parsley.

21. Polenta With Roasted Mushrooms And Bacon

Want to make this savory, salty treasure a full meal? Top it with a sunny-side up egg.

22. Vegetable Wellington With Mushrooms And Spinach

We love you, store-bought puff pastry. To save time, make the filling up to two days in advance and store it in the fridge until you're ready to assemble.

23. Caramelized Mushroom Pasta With Crispy Prosciutto

You're only eight ingredients and 30 minutes away from your new favorite pasta dish. Caramelizing the mushrooms instead of simply sautéing them deepens their flavor.

24. Cheddar Bacon Portobello Mushroom Burger

Complete with a schmear of smoky ketchup. The key to the burger's flavor is marinating the mushroom caps in balsamic vinegar, soy sauce, mustard and dry spices before grilling them.

25. 30-minute Portobello Mushroom Stir-fry

We’re in it for the sesame-soy maple sauce. So the mushrooms don't get lonely, they're served alongside plenty of broccolini and bell peppers.

26. Wild Mushroom Galette

The herby crust is a natural match for luscious Gruyère, tangy crème fraîche and fruity, earthy chanterelles.

27. Creamy Roasted Mushroom Soup

Roasting the mushrooms in fresh thyme and white wine ahead of putting them in the soup is crucial.

28. Mushroom Gnocchi With Arugula And Walnut Pesto

Just a heads up: You'll want to put the walnut pesto on everything from sandwiches to veggie platters. Go ahead, have seconds. (And thirds.)

29. Caramelized Mushroom Polenta

Cold-weather comfort food at its finest. This dish by Coterie member Gaby Dalkin looks fancy, but is so, so easy to pull off.

30. Mushroom Tom Kha Soup

You could order Thai food…or you could make this impressive soup in less than 30 minutes. The choice is yours. (Thanks, Jerrelle Guy.)

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31. Baked Eggs With Mushrooms And Spinach

Truth be told, we’d eat these for breakfast, lunch or dinner. But it's particularly satisfying in the morning, thanks to the protein-rich eggs and energizing veggies.

32. Bok Choy And Wild Mushroom Soba Noodle Bowl

Miso and mushrooms are a match made in umami heaven. Did we mention it's vegan, gluten-free and ready to slurp in just 30 minutes?

33. Pasta With Italian Sausage, Kale And Mushrooms

A little bit healthy, a lot delicious. Think chopped kale, baby bella mushrooms, all the garlic and a dash of vino.

34. Warm Lentil, Tomato And Mushroom Salad

Gena Hamshaw’s endlessly adaptable dish is light and healthy…but won’t leave you starving. Feel free to substitute rice, quinoa or even chickpeas for lentils if that's what you have on hand.

35. Make-ahead Vegetarian Gravy

Not only is this recipe fast and foolproof, but you won't need to mess with pan drippings to pull it off. Umami-rich Portobello mushrooms take over for meat, so the plant-based eaters at your table can indulge as much as they'd like.

36. Creamy Grits And Mushrooms

With three kinds of shrooms (maitake, king oyster and shiitake, to be exact) and half a stick of butter, who needs shrimp?

37. Pepperoni Pizza Stuffed Portobello Mushrooms

Trust: Even your picky kids won't mind the veggie "crust." Serve them for lunch, dinner, a snack—whatever.

38. Marsala Pasta With Spicy Italian Sausage And Mushrooms

A savory, meaty hug in a bowl, courtesy of Coterie member Jesse Reilly. Finish each bowl with lots of grated Parm, chopped basil and crushed red pepper flakes.

39. Miso Dijon Green Bean Mushroom Salad

Can we eat all of our veggies this way? This dish just might be the green bean casserole alternative you lean on for every Thanksgiving to come.

40. One-pan Chicken In Mushroom Sauce

Minimal cleanup and maximum flavor. Serve it over pasta, zoodles, rice or even fresh greens.

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