28 Summer Pizza Recipes We Can’t Get Enough Of

Why should burgers and hot dogs get all the attention? This summer, our grill is getting acquainted with one dinner no one gets tired of: pizza. From lemony veggies to all the burrata, there are countless ways to upgrade from tomato and mozz at your next backyard shindig. Here, 28 summer pizza recipes that never cease to impress.

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1. Grilled Peach, Chicken And Ricotta Pizza

Sliced peaches and red onions get smoky and charred on the barbecue before topping a layer of ricotta.

2. Chopped Italian Salad Pizza

Hands-down the easiest way to get your leafy greens count up for the day. We won’t tell if you add some salami or capicola.

3. Grilled Flatbread Pizza With Artichoke, Ricotta And Lemon

Store-bought flatbread is the fastest route from zero to pizza. Not a second of kneading required.

4. Potato And Burrata Pizza

Hello, comfort food. It doesn’t get cozier than thin-sliced, tender potatoes, a mound of creamy burrata and a glass of your favorite rosé.

5. Broccoli Margherita Pizza

Behold, in all its gluten-free glory. The crust is as simple as broccoli florets, almond meal and eggs.

6. Cheater’s Prosciutto Hawaiian Pizza

Pineapple on pizza. Does it get any better? The answer is yes, with aged Gouda and salty prosciutto.

7. Mediterranean Pita Pizzas

Lazy lunches are our happy place. And this 15-minute wonder will have all your friends asking for the recipe.

8. Cheater’s Vegetarian Pizza With Zucchini And Bell Peppers

It’s time for your farmers market spoils to shine. The crust is made of seeded flatbread, so you won’t have to worry about fresh veggies leaving you with a soggy slice.

9. No-knead Pizza Dough

Just prep and store in the fridge until pizza night arrives. Finish with sauce, cheese and herbs, then mangia!

10. Cheater’s White Pizza With Béchamel Sauce

The ultimate cure for a bad day? Four types of cheese, toasted garlic cloves and buttery béchamel.

11. Homemade Pepperoni Pizza Rolls

Because it’s a lot harder for the kids to run around in the yard while toting a greasy, drippy slice.

12. Baking-sheet Pizza With Olives And Sun-dried Tomatoes

Briny olives are a dreamy match for mild provolone, salty Parmesan and bold sun-dried tomatoes.

13. Cauliflower Pizza Crust

Gluten-free crust calls for an extra glass of wine. Sorry, we don’t make the rules.

14. Pizza With Butternut Squash Sauce

Tomatoes, you’re going to have to sit this one out. Feel free to substitute summer squash if that’s easier to find.

15. Cheater’s Spicy Sausage Pizza With Burrata

Talk about well-rounded. This gem has tons of kale and broccoli under all that meat and cheese.

16. Breakfast Pizza

Brunch is served. And she’s boasting bacon, eggs and a ridiculously easy cream sauce.

17. Charred Corn And Avocado Pizza

We’re washing ours down with margaritas. Extra salt, por favor.

18. Garlic Butter Grilled Vegetable Pizza

Holy veggies, Batman. The decadent crust will hold up against zucchini, mushrooms, peppers and beyond.

19. Grilled Gluten-free Pizza With Peas, Lemon And Mint

Dinner will be ready in half an hour. All you have to do is choose between goat cheese or ricotta. Better yet, use both.

20. Grilled Naan Pizza With Strawberry, Chicken And Avocado

Pencil in a visit to a local strawberry patch. This recipe (and an easy balsamic reduction) will do your pickings justice.

21. Grilled White Pizza

Red onions, caramelized mushrooms and fresh basil meet three-cheese magic. Store-bought dough makes it a breeze to prepare too.

22. Grilled Avocado-barbecue Chicken Naan Pizza

The secret to the easiest shredded barbecue chicken? Stop by your supermarket’s rotisserie section.

23. Grilled Mexican Street Corn Pizza

OK, the cilantro-pistachio pesto made with lime juice is next-level. We’ll take extra pickled onions, please.

24. Zucchini Pizza Boats

Two words: Mini. Pepperoni. You’ll only have to ask the kids to set the table once, we promise.

25. Asparagus And Snap Pea Pizza

Bye, tomato sauce. Roasted garlic paste is on the case, along with lemon zest, Parmesan cheese and prosciutto.

26. Fruit Pizza

You call it dessert. We call it breakfast. Either way, you can’t go wrong with sugar-cookie crust and cream cheese frosting.

27. Chocolate Strawberry Mint Dessert Pizza

Ricotta plays well with others. Like, really well. Even with semi-sweet chocolate.

28. Grilled Blueberry Dessert Pizza

Barbecue-charred pizza crust. Honey-cream cheese icing. From-scratch blueberry sauce. Need we say more?

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