The Best Rosé Wine Under $20 to Sip This Summer, According to a Sommelier

When the weather gets warm, our rosé senses start tingling and don’t stop until PSL season. But with so many to choose from, it’s tough to pick just the right bottle. Especially an affordable one. We turned to Dini “Vino” Rao, sommelier and founder of Life in Vino, a remote wine tasting business, for her expert advice. Here are her top 25 picks for the best rosé wine to buy right this minute.

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1. Iby Rosè Blaufränkisch

Don’t let this Austrian pick’s name intimidate you. “Cherries, blackberries and allspice make this juicy rosé a treat,” says Rao. It’s fruit-forward and refreshing, destined for happy hour in the backyard.

2. Von Winning Spatburgunder Rose 2019

Mainly made from Pinot Noir, it’s a complex bottle from Germany that’s partly barrel-fermented. Think fruity, floral and loaded with cherry notes. “This was my rosé of the summer last year, and this year I've already gone through my supply of 12 bottles.”

3. Mirabeau Cotes De Provence Rose 2019

Compared to other Provence wines, it’s a higher price tag—but Rao says it’s well worth the hype. It holds its own alongside intense flavors like duck and spicy arugula, thanks to its acidity and piercing notes of red-fruit popsicle.

4. Broadbent Vinho Verde Rose

Get in, we’re going to Portugal. A variety of red grapes are soft-crushed and pressed for a slow extraction of all their pure fruit flavor. Have a bottle with the book club crew on the patio. Or heck, for that price, have two.

5. Mas De Gourgonnier Rose Les Baux De Provence

“This has been a go-to rosé year after year for decades for its complexity and delight.” It’s elegant, clean and biodynamic with aromas of strawberry and raspberry. Have it with everything from salmon to ribs.

6. Mulderbosch Cabernet Rose

Its exquisite, dusky pink color comes from South African Cabernet Sauvignon grapes. It’s medium-bodied, dry and tropical with strong notes of guava and citrus, so it’s great on its own or with an array of foods.

7. Domaine De Triennes Rose 2019

Rao loves this wine for its fruity aromatics and minerality and calls its maker one of the best France has to offer. She suggests having it with seafood salad or stew. Shrimp boil, anyone?

8. Gotham Project Rose

Wine in a can. Genius. But you don’t have to trade quality for convenience. Meet this juicy, old-vine Spanish gem out of New Jersey. Rao suggests it for a Chinese take-out picnic. (Which, if you haven’t done before, is a must.)

9. Ramona Ruby Grapefruit Wine Spritz

OK, so it’s not rosé, but it’s pink and ridiculously refreshing, so it’s right up your alley. Its low ABV makes the Sicilian sipper something you can nurse all day long at the pool or beach. Plus, it’s organic, vegan and comes in a can.

10. Lucien Albrecht Cremant D’alsace Brut Rose

Bring on the bubbles. It’s a French sparkling wine with crisp, dry fruity notes and beautiful aromatics of orange and strawberry. Pop the cork for aperitifs or dessert.

11. Crios De Susana Balbo Rose Of Malbec 2018

A crisp, delicate blend of Malbec and Pinot Noir with vivid aromas of strawberry-peach tart. “Female winemaker Susana Balbo consistently knocks it out of the park with the value of her Argentine wines,” says Rao. It’s just the match for your next cheese board or intimate seafood dinner.

12. Domaine De La Bélière Rosé Méthode Ancestrale Bugey Cerdon

One way to know this French wine is delicious without even tasting it? It was a favorite of Julia Child’s. Its bubbles are produced by méthode ancestrale, the oldest method for making sparkling wine, which Rao says is rare nowadays.

13. Braida Brachetto D’acqui 2019

If you’re a Moscato fan or love chocolate, meet your wine soulmate. She’s fresh, fragrant and fruity, great for sharing with dessert. “It’s from the same region of Italy where the cerebral Barolo and Barbaresco wines hail from. But catch any Piemonte picnic on a sunny afternoon siesta and you're more likely to find a bottle of this,” says Rao.

14. Channing Daughters Cabernet Franc Rosato 2019

A Cabernet Franc rosé hailing from Long Island that brings acidity and earthiness to the glass. It’s refreshing and crisp with notes of flowers and pink peppercorns and subtle hints of red berries. We’re having ours with salmon.

15. Mcbride Sisters Collection Black Girl Magic 2018 California Rosé

I love the wines from the McBride Sisters and I love supporting this Black-, female-owned business,” raves Rao. Pucker up for a punch of acidity, citrus and stone fruit plus perfume-y scents of orange blossom and raspberry.

16. Muri Gries Lagrein Rosato 2019

Brace yourself for an intense, slightly spicy, full-bodied wine made from organic grapes. “[It] comes from one of the northernmost [parts] of Italy, practically in Germany, and the Lagrein grape is one of the best treasures of the area.”

17. Hiruzta Txakoli Rosado 2018

Ocean air meets fresh raspberries. The Hondarrabi Zuri and Hondarrabi Beltz grapes are grown on-site at the winery’s vineyards. It’s from the northern coast of Spain, so break out the paella pan and tell the squad to bring their appetites.

18. Charles & Charles Rose 2019

Who knew a vino from Washington State could taste this summery? Take a good whiff before you start drinking—you can smell everything from rose petals to lavender to Herbs de Provence. Pair it with salty snacks on movie night or a midday cheese plate.

19. Alkoomi Rose 2019

Are you a sucker for Shiraz? This Australian beauty has you covered with acidic, tart flavors of blood orange and ripe cherry. It’s from the cooler Western side of the country, giving it refreshing brightness you’ll never get tired of.

20. Mount Edward Pinot Noir Rosé Central Otago 2019

The Pinot Noir grapes used were picked especially for rosé. They spend two to three hours on the grape skins before being drained, resulting in an acidic and refreshing final product.

21. Lapostolle Le Rose 2019

For sipping alongside spicy or bittersweet foods, with seafood or before dinner. The blend is a classic Southern French rosé mix and the style is similar with a bit more [of] ripe strawberry from that strong Chilean sunshine,” says Rao.

22. 2018 Scala Cirò Rosato

Ever heard of gaglioppo grapes? They’re native to Calabria, Italy and create a richer, earthier rosé with dusty tannins and a touch of berries. Consider this your new permanent pizza pairing.

23. 2018 Domaine Glinavos Paleokerisio

Three words: Sparkling. Orange. Wine. It’s not rosé but is similar enough that it’s a delicious switch for adventurous drinkers. Instead of red grapes being lightly pressed in their skins to create a pink hue, orange wine is the result of white grapes fermenting on their skins. Rao describes the Greek go-to as, “a well-made, surprisingly delightful wine that’s fresh, a little sweet and reminds me of a panettone bread with all those dried fruits.”

24. Underwood Cellars Rosé Bubbles

Few things make us as happy as a 375-millileter *can* of wine. This blend of Pinot Noir and Chardonnay infused with bubbles is prime for lounging on the lake, fishing trips and any other on-the-go activity.

25. Stolpman Grenache

Savor a basket of California strawberries in every sip. Rao swears carnitas tacos were made for this full-bodied rosé.