PureWow Commerce Policy: How We Test & Review Products

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Whether you're looking for the best mascara, workout leggings or most comfortable sofa, PureWow’s commerce team has you covered. Our editors are hardcore shoppers, scouring the internet for the latest products to improve every area of your life—and we're putting them to the test to ensure they're genuinely worth the spend.

Why You Should Trust Us

Our commerce team works to bring you the best products around, period. While we are gifted items to test, we review each one honestly, highlighting its cons as well as its pros to help you make a truly well-informed buying decision. We do not recommend products we don’t genuinely love and use ourselves, and all of our opinions are our own. 

When it comes to items we don’t have direct experience with, we vet them thoroughly, consulting with experts on our subject matter, painstakingly combing through reviews and ratings to find out what people really think of the items and fact-checking company claims about the products.

How We Test Products

PureWow editors select every item we feature. Here's how we go about that: 

  1. We start by sharing our favorite things, which are items we've personally vetted. We clearly disclose the things we've tried, including quotes from editors or labeling them as one of our favorites. You will also see these items marked with a PureWow100 badge, which indicates that it’s been tested and rated by the team.
  2. We consult experts: While we ultimately choose the products we want to test, as indicated by our Editor’s Picks badge at the top of our commerce lists, we consult with experts on the topics that relate to these items for tips on what to look for. In example, we might seek a doctor’s insight on the most effective ingredients for clearing acne or a certified running coach while vetting the best high-impact sports bras. We take their advice into account when making our selections and use it as markers to hold the products up against.
  3. We put products through the wringer: We test products out in as many conditions as humanly possible, whether that means wearing a deodorant system on our sweatiest days or sending in our most sensitive-skinned editor to wear a new type of sunscreen for eight hours straight. We test them all for a sufficient length of time, too, which will be notated in the article.
    For more nuanced items, such as a hair tool that may yield different results for different hair types or a cardigan that may fit a tall editor differently than a petite editor, we have as many editors as possible try the product out to see if they get similar results. We then report on each person’s unique experience.
    We also point out both the pros and cons of an item, giving the reader as much context as possible about the products to help them decide if it’s a fit for their household.
  1. We research what's new on the market and what has a stellar reputation, researching studies and reviews on the products to find the top recommendations to share with you.
  2. We regularly update our roundups of the "best" products, removing items that are no longer in stock, updating pricing and adjusting the list to include new favorites.

How We Find Deals

Our sales and deals team is constantly scouring the web for the best sales and discounted products from countless online retailers, paying particularly close attention to the ones we know our readers love best (Jenni Kayne fans, we got you). We often suss out events before they happen, giving us—and consequently, you—access to the best finds first, and we do our due diligence when it comes to price comparisons, so you'll *actually* be getting a deal when we say you are.

How We Make Money

PureWow receives a commission on a portion of recommended commerce products on the site, which are notated in articles with an affiliate disclaimer at the top. If you, the reader, click through to the merchant’s site and make a purchase on these products, we receive a portion of the sale. Regardless of earnings, all products found on our site are genuine recommendations from our team and opinions are our own.

What Our PureWow100 Ratings Mean

When everything on the internet promises to change your life, how do you know what’s worth your hard-earned cash…and what’s total hype? That's where we come in. We rethought our reviews approach, vetting items on a 100-point scale we’re calling the PureWow100. It gives you an at-a-glance way to see how a massage gun, lash serum or blender meets (or exceeds) expectations, and it leads into an in-depth review, so you can get every honest-as-your-best-friend-after-a-glass-of-rosé detail about it. Here’s a full breakdown of what to expect from the series.

Simply put, the PureWow100 is an easy way to see how a product lives up to its claims. Just like in school, where every assignment was graded on a 100-point scale, we are vetting every item based on a total of 100 points. Only in our world, there’s no grading curve or extra credit—just our honest, unfiltered ratings.

We’ve broken down the PureWow100 score into five categories, each rated out of 20 possible points. Editors and contributors use that as their framework for testing the product or service and writing their review. Categories can vary, depending on the types of item reviewed, but essentially, here’s what we’re looking for:

  • Value — Simply put, is it worth the money?
  • Functionality — Does it do what it says it does? How well?
  • Quality/Ease of Use — Is it durable? Does it require a PhD (or superhuman strength) to assemble?
  • Aesthetics — Is it something you want to show off?
  • Custom Category — This part is tailored to the topic we’re reviewing. For a candle, for example, it may be scent. For a baby monitor, it may be signal strength or reliability.

All five add up to 100 points, giving you the final rating. We’ll include this breakdown as a bulleted list at the top of every in-depth review, just like this.

Check Out Some of Our Top-Rated PureWow100 Products


While we put all of the products we test through the wringer firsthand and will always warn our readers against any safety issues we may find, individual products may be subject to additional safety requirements for use. As such, we always recommend following the manufacturer’s instructions. Some items may also be subject to recalls, and we encourage readers to check the Consumer Product Safety Commission’s website for the most current information.

Meet Our Team

Stephanie Maida

Senior Commerce Editor

Stephanie covers all things sales and deals at PureWow to make sure you’re not only snagging the best products, but also saving some dough while you’re at it. She’s been writing about fashion, beauty, wellness and culture for over 10 years, and has been a proud bargain hunter since birth (shout out to mom!). She holds a bachelor’s degree in journalism from New York University. When she’s not writing, editing or adding-to-cart, Stephanie can be found binging period dramas or sweating it out in a boxing class.

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Olivia Dubyak

Commerce Editor

Olivia Dubyak is PureWow's Commerce Editor and textbook Capricorn. She studied journalism at Duquesne University in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, but has gone from New York City to West Texas to Chicago to Northern Colorado since then experiencing new things to broaden her perspective as a writer. She writes across the board in fashion, beauty, wellness and home, focusing on product reviews and roundups that can elevate your everyday life. She's been writing in the commerce-sphere for nearly five years and loves trying new products, sharing her honest experiences to help you decide whether what you’re buying is worth it or not (yup, Augustinus Bader is a must-have).

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Abby Hepworth


Abby Hepworth is an RRCA-certified running coach who has worked in fashion for over 10 years. Want to know what shoes are in this season? She's got you. Need recommendations on the best running apps? She's your gal. From trend explanations to designer gossip, Abby has your back.

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Stephanie Meraz

Associate Fashion Commerce Editor

Stephanie Meraz is PureWow’s Associate Fashion Commerce Editor. Stephanie is a natural savant in the fashion, beauty, and dating & relationships beats. She has over 22+ years of experience as an avid shopper, securing a Limited Too personal stylist at four years old. You can count on her to test the latest hair trends, suggest shopping tips, and spill the tea on her juicy dating experiences. No topic is off limits—however personal or embarrassing.

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DS Headshot

Destinee Scott

Assistant Sales and Deals Editor

Destinee Scott is PureWow’s Assistant Sales and Deals Editor. She’s been chasing sales and deals for a decade and knows a good one when she sees one for fashion, home, beauty, wellness and more. So whether viral sex toys are marked down or a popular beauty site (like Sephora) is having a secret sitewide sale, she knows before anyone else. She also writes product reviews for PureWow's shopping platform, WowText, so she can give you the 411 on items before you buy them. Her work has also appeared in Prevention, and you can find her babbling about everything from throuples to yoni eggs on her blog,, and on Instagram.

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Sydney Meister

Assistant Editor

Sydney Meister is PureWow's Assistant Editor, covering everything from interior design and dating trends (helloo, rizz) to relationship advice, weddings, real estate, parenting, travel and must-have wellness products. Before PureWow, Sydney worked for top interior designers across NYC and she's a go-to resource for luxury styling tips and decor recs to keep your home looking fresh.

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Natalie LaBarbera

Assistant Commerce Editor

Natalie LaBarbera is PureWow's assistant commerce editor. She writes about all things shopping, including fashion, beauty, travel, wellness and more, searching for the best products out there in the process (bonus points if they're eco-friendly and ethically produced!). She has a master's in fashion studies from Parsons and bachelor's in psychology from the University of Pittsburgh and prior to working at PureWow, she gained several years of experience in fashion through various freelance roles, retail and personal styling (see more on her experience on LinkedIn). When she's not writing for work or fun, she loves reading fantasy novels and traveling with her small, feisty chihuahua-mix, Dobby, who has a strong affinity for the south of France.

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