28 High-Protein Breakfast Ideas That Will Keep You Full ’Til Lunchtime

You’ve heard it all your life: Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. But not all breakfasts are created equal. The more filling and nutritious, the less likely you’ll be scouring your desk’s snack drawer before lunchtime. Here are 28 high-protein breakfast ideas that are sure to keep you full and satisfied.

17 High-Protein Desserts to Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth

1. Red Shakshuka (17g Protein)

Sunny-side up eggs have never looked so elegant. In our take on the Israeli classic, they’re swimming in a harissa-kissed tomato sauce.

2. Egg And Veggie Breakfast Bowl (11g Protein)

Starting the day with lots of wholesome veggies is a surefire way to energize. Think a poached egg atop Brussels sprouts, sweet potatoes and arugula (because a runny yolk makes everything better).

3. Easy Cherry-almond Granola Bars (13g Protein)

Store-bought granola bars are just as convenient and quick as homemade ones, but they’re often made with a ton of excess sugar. These are sweetened with nothing but honey, almond butter and a bit of brown sugar.

4. Bacon-wrapped Eggs (26g Protein)

Baking eggs in a bacon-lined muffin tin means there will be crispy, salty deliciousness in every single bite. Don’t forget the toast.

5. Salted Peanut Butter Cup Smoothie (22g Protein)

Between the PB, vanilla whey protein powder and almond milk, this sipper is sure to keep you satiated until your lunch break.

6. Overnight Oats With Blueberries And Almonds (20g Protein)

Simply soak high-fiber oats in lightly sweetened milk overnight. Then, all you’ll have to do in the morning is top it off with antioxidant-rich blueberries, sliced almonds and yogurt.

7. Eggs Baked In Tomatoes (18g Protein)

Come for the filling eggs, stay for the juicy summer tomatoes and a whole lot of grated Parmesan.

8. Vegan Spiced Blueberry Breakfast Cake (10g Protein)

Whole grain spelt flour adds a ton of fiber, vitamins and minerals to this baked treat. Pair it with Greek yogurt for even more protein.

9. Breakfast Pizza (26g Protein)

The bacon, eggs and easy store-bought dough are reason enough to give this pie a try. But the garlicky cheese sauce puts it wayyyyy over the top.

10. Eggs In A Basket (10g Protein)

Toad in a hole, hen in a nest, one-eyed Jack—call it whatever you want, but this yolky, carby classic never gets old. Throw it together in the oven and make coffee while it bakes.

11. Overnight Oats With Peanut Butter And Banana (29g Protein)

We’re betting a dollop of grape jelly on top would taste pretty damn delish (and nostalgic).

12. Bacon, Egg And Cheese Breakfast Muffins (25g Protein)

Not only is each muffin stuffed with a whole hard-boiled egg, but they’re also loaded with tangy buttermilk, chopped scallions and grated cheddar cheese.

13. Breakfast Caprese With Soft-boiled Eggs (26g Protein)

We didn’t know a 15-minute breakfast this effortless could look so elegant. We’d eat this over a green salad, or even a bowl of pasta.

14. Raspberry-coconut Smoothie Bowl With Collagen (11g Protein)

While it’s totally optional, adding a scoop of powdered collagen peptides to your daily smoothie could potentially help you reduce wrinkles and inflammation.

15. Sweet Potato Rösti With Fried Eggs And Greens (11g Protein)

This Swiss dish is a lot like a latke or potato pancake. The recipe calls for grated sweet potato, but feel free to swap in carrots, white potatoes or winter squash.

16. Ketogenic Baked Eggs And Zoodles With Avocado (20g Protein)

Just because you’re on keto doesn’t mean you need to kick every day off with a boatload of meat and cheese. Thanks to the zucchini and avocado, this dish will keep you full without weighing you down.

17. Joanna Gaines’s Asparagus And Fontina Quiche (18g Protein)

This main is destined for every spring brunch you ever host. The prep is a breeze—most of the work is just waiting for the quiche to bake through.

18. Overnight Oats With Coconut And Ginger (12g Protein)

Spicy, nutty, sweet and oh so creamy, this modest mason jar of overnight oats packs serious flavor.

19. Roasted Pumpkin And Brussels Sprouts With Poached Eggs (19g Protein)

Hi there, fall. Long time no see. Might we suggest finishing each plate with a flourish of toasted pumpkin seeds?

20. Slow-cooker Breakfast Casserole (29g Protein)

Come the weekend, we’re off the clock. Instead, we let the Crock-Pot take care of breakfast: Just pack in a layer of cheesy hash browns for the crust, add the other ingredients and wait.

21. Quick Congee (25g Protein)

Traditionally a Chinese breakfast dish, congee has become a staple in Japan, Indonesia and other Asian countries, as well as in parts of Europe. Top the soul-nourishing porridge with anything from kimchi to julienned ginger to fresh herbs.

22. Breakfast Sliders (19g Protein)

Breakfast sausage + cheddar cheese + egg = a filling combination that we’ll definitely never tire of. Top them off with lemony arugula, if you feel so inclined.

23. Vegan Quinoa Breakfast Frittata (16g Protein)

How is it possible without real eggs, you ask? Chickpea flour combined with water makes for a pretty uncanny (and protein-rich) substitute.

24. Savory Cheese Waffles (14g Protein)

Just spruce up the basics with buttermilk, melted butter and cheddar cheese to make this super versatile meal. Turn each waffle half into a sandwich or serve them with a side salad.

25. Bacon, Kale And Egg Grandma Pie (29g Protein)

A cornmeal-dusted crust. Grated Gruyère. Thick-cut bacon. Smoked sea salt. Yeah, it’s the fanciest breakfast pizza you’ll ever eat.

26. Mini Spanish Tortilla With Zucchini (34g Protein)

Just because you’re only making breakfast for one doesn’t mean you need to settle for a bowl of cereal. All this beauty takes is 50 minutes and six ingredients.

27. Overnight Oats With Chocolate And Strawberry (17g Protein)

It’s as close to dessert as a healthy breakfast can get, especially if you use uber-sweet, in-season strawberries.

28. Chicken And Waffle Sandwiches (56g Protein)

What do you get when you crown a cheese-laced waffle with a piece of crispy, buttermilk fried chicken? Heaven on a plate, of course. Now, the tough part: maple syrup or hot sauce?

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