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Whether you’re cooking up a feast for friends or keeping things low-key with your family, these fresh and easy Fourth of July appetizers are guaranteed to impress. And what better way to celebrate Independence Day than with a selection of delectable dishes? We’re certain our forefathers would approve.

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Blueberry, Strawberry & Jicama Salsa

There’s a little bit of heat (from the jalapeño) in this healthy dip but if you like mild salsa, feel free to leave it out. 

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Grilled Watermelon-Feta Skewers

Sweet and tangy salad begins on the grill and the best part? There are no bowls to cleanup afterward. Now that’s a win. 

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Carrot Pigs in a Blanket

This lighter take on the classic will leave plenty of room for all those hot dogs and burgers later.

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Italian Bruschetta Bar

Don't fuss about the arrangement—a random presentation is the best way to convey a relaxed vineyard vibe.

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Avocado Deviled Eggs

A fun twist on a party favorite that you'll be serving at every BBQ you host from now until forever. Guaranteed. 

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Save time on this crowd-pleasing Fourth of July appetizer by using store-bought shredded chicken.

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Sweet Corn Grilled Guacamole

Putting avocados on the grill gives this dip a delicious, smoky flavor.

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Summer Crostini

How many seasonal ingredients can you fit onto a baguette? This many.

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Chargrilled Vegetable Platter

All you need to season these guys are salt, pepper and olive oil. Toss them on the grill and you've got your own Italian-style antipasti served with tangy yogurt.

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10-Minute Pineapple Black Bean Tostadas

Simply lay out your tostada shells, spread them with a spoonful of black beans, a few slices of avocado and add the salsa. Voilà.

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Keto Guacamole Burger Bites

Because everything tastes better when it’s mini (and topped off with avocado). 

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Caprese Salad

We upgraded this classic dish bursting with summer flavor by adding grilled zucchini. We promise you’ll never go back. 

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Rather than going through the trouble of coating and breading the cheese, we use wonton wrappers. The result is the same extra crispy sticks we know and love—but with way less effort. 

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Grilled Peach, Chicken and Ricotta Pizza

An excellent way to make the most out of the season's fresh fruit.

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Any holiday get together is not complete without finger foods. And we’ve got you covered with these spicy and tangy wings. 

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Coconut Shrimp

Your favorite restaurant app is surprisingly easy to make at home (and just as delicious).

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Sweet-and-Sour Pork Skewers with Pineapple

They’re quick and easy to whip up, and guaranteed to take your cookout to the next level. No chopsticks required.

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Who knew that two of our favorite summer foods would pair together so nicely? Ready thy chips.

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Just substitute chicken for cauliflower rice and sautée until golden and tender. Plus the jalepeños add the perfect touch. 

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Prosciutto Bites

We take bite-sized balls of premade pizza dough, wrap them with slices of salty prosciutto and coat them with Parmesan cheese

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Baked Gorgonzola Bites

All you need is five ingredients and 30 minutes to make this pull-apart recipe. Think of it as a savory take on monkey bread. 

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Mini Lobster Rolls

Miniature buns mean the perfect ratio of claw meat to toasted buttery bread (not to mention the presentation is next-level). 

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spinach and artichoke stuffed soft pretzels.

Baked until the pretzel is golden and the dip inside has melted and turned ooey, gooey. 

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Cheesy Polenta Bites with Brussels Sprouts and Pancetta

Piled high with all of our favorite savory adds-ons, these little guys are officially our new favorite snack. 

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Brussels Sprout Sliders

The healthiest (and cutest) alternative to buns.

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