The 50 Best Carrot Recipes in the Universe

Carrots pack a serious nutrient punch—namely, vitamin A, though they're also a decent source of vitamins K and C—but what really supports their status as a dinner table staple is the simple fact that they’re delicious. Make them sweet, savory, spicy, you name it. These orange root vegetables are versatile canvases for all your menu’s flavors. Here are 50 carrot recipes to treat yourself to.

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1. Maple Glazed Carrots With Goat Cheese And Pistachios

Sweet glaze, tangy goat cheese a little crunch from the pistachios—what more could you want?

2. Carrot Pigs In A Blanket

Oh, hey, hors d’ouevres. We promise the kids won't miss the mini weenies one bit.

3. Carrot Gnocchi Pasta

Ditch the grains for this veggie-rich alternative.

4. Ginger Carrot Soup

Cozy up to a bowl by the fire with a glass of wine.

5. Creamy Vegan Carrot Mac With Walnut-herb ‘parmesan’

A second helping? Don’t mind if we do.

6. One-pan Roasted Chicken With Carrots

Dinner will be ready in 30, with minimal dirty dishes to boot.

7. Cauliflower Rice Bowl With Curried Lentils, Carrots And Yogurt

In a word, wow.

8. Vegan Bacon

Carrot bacon? Go on, we're listening.

9. Slow-cooker Beef Stew

The coldest of winter days has nothing on this comfort food classic.

10. Whole Roasted Carrots

Aren't they pretty? We can hear your dinner guests' oohs and aahs already.

11. Vietnamese Noodle Salad

Trust us: It's easier to prepare than it looks.

12. Carrot Cake Oatmeal Cookies

Need some goodies to leave for Santa? Look no further than these cookies.

13. Sesame Ginger Roasted Whole Carrots

Count on Coterie member Phoebe Lapine to pull out all the stops.

14. Mini Carrot Cakes With Cream Cheese Frosting

Skip dessert? Are you nuts?

15. Canal House’s Carrot Soup

Eight ingredients + three steps = homemade soup in just over an hour. Kudos.

16. Shaved Moroccan Carrot Toast

Put down the knife and step away from the avocado. You can do better.

17. Carrot-ginger Dressing

This 15-minute dressing boasts lots of bold flavors, thanks to scallions, grated ginger and peanut oil.

18. Spicy Carrot Salad With Chickpeas And Parsley

It gets all its heat from harissa, a spicy North African chili paste.

19. White Risotto With Corn, Carrots And Kale

Parmesan cheese and white wine? You're speaking our language.

20. Pomegranate-sumac Chicken With Roasted Carrots

Make sure to keep your carrot greens: They make for a gorgeous finishing touch.

21. Harissa And Honey-roasted Carrots

We can't decide what we're more obsessed with, the bed of tangy Greek yogurt or the nutty dukkah garnish.

22. Carrot Cake Doughnuts With Cream Cheese Glaze

The glaze thickens as it sits, so if you prefer a frosting-like texture, wait a few extra minutes before spreading it on the doughnuts.

23. Roasted Carrots On Pine Nut Hummus

Aka the most impressive five-ingredient appetizer you've ever served.

24. Whole Wheat Pineapple-carrot Cake Waffles With Maple Cream Cheese Glaze

Complete with raisins and chopped pecans. Oh, and a whole lot of syrup.

25. Smoky Glazed Carrot Dogs

Come on, this vegan masterpiece is straight-up genius.

26. Creamy Carrot Salad

Destined for every picnic you're ever invited to from now on. Don't knock it 'til you try it.

27. Carrot Fritters With Cumin-lime Cashew Cream

Thanks to chickpea flour, these crispy cuties are gluten-free.

28. Carrot Cake Loaf

The hardest part about this recipe is waiting for the quick bread to cool before spreading on the cinnamon-cream cheese frosting.

29. Sweet And Crunchy Carrot Salad

Skip the kale Caesar this Thanksgiving. Carrots will add a pop of color to your holiday spread.

30. Gluten-free Carrot Cake Truffles

Psst: They're held together by tangy cream cheese, white melting wafers and coconut flakes.

31. Carrot Ginger Turmeric Smoothie

Start the morning with a glass of anti-inflammatory deliciousness. Your immune system will thank you.

32. Wholesome Carrot Muffins

Fresh-baked breakfast in just over a half-hour? That's worth getting out of bed for.

33. Carrot Dogs With Mango-avocado Salsa

The carrots are marinated in a tangy mix of soy sauce, apple cider vinegar and maple syrup.

34. Carrot-apple Bread

Might we suggest washing it down with some homemade apple cider?

35. Zucchini Carrot Veggie Patties

Sure, they're paleo, keto and Whole-30 friendly. But most importantly, they're damn delicious (and super crispy).

36. Bombay Carrot Salad With Cashews And Raisins

Starring warm spices like yellow curry powder and ground turmeric.

37. Healthy Carrot Cake Waffles

This low-carb gem has Easter brunch written all over it.

38. Garlic Herb Carrots

Tarragon, parsley, dill—fresh herbs never hurt.

39. Creamy Thai Carrot Sweet Potato Soup

The roasted tamari almonds are a posh topper, but they're also divine to snack on all by themselves.

40. The New Crudité Platter

Nothing will get you crowned Hostess with the Mostest as quickly as serving fried zucchini blossoms and homemade avocado-ranch dressing.

41. Carrot Cake Pancakes

Shred the carrots instead of grating them. (Grating with a microplane releases too much moisture into the batter.)

42. Peas And Carrots Stew

Inspired by the Lebanese dish yakhneh, this stew is loaded with hearty cubed beef.

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Grandbaby Cakes

43. Orange Carrot Cupcakes

Orange-flavored Greek yogurt guarantees these turn out super moist.

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44. Roast Carrots With Cilantro-pistachio Carrot Top Purée

Carrot greens pesto? Groundbreaking.

carrot recipes carrot cumin risotto
Salt and Wind

45. Carrot-cumin Farro Risotto

The farro cooks in seasoned carrot juice instead of water.

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46. Healthy Broccoli And Cheese Soup

It starts with a base of roasted, puréed potatoes and carrots, which makes the soup super decadent and silky—no cream required.

47. Carrot Cake Baked Oatmeal

Whip up a batch on Sunday and you have breakfast for the whole week.

48. Sesame Ginger Carrot Salad

We have a feeling this salad would get along great with slow-cooker chicken teriyaki over steamed rice.

49. Mango Carrot Cake Swirl Bars

Tastes like carrot cake hopped a plane and took an epic tropical vacation.

50. Coconut Carrot Cake With Jammy Swirled Buttercream

Any berry jam will work, but raspberry gives the cake the bright, tart notes it deserves.

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