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Wearing Socks Might Help You Fall Asleep Faster, Says Science
PeopleImages/Getty Images

You know that ex who always slept in socks and you were like, “Eww, that’s gross. Stop touching me with your woolly man-feet”? Turns out, he was on to something.

According to researchers at the sleep laboratory at the University of Basel in Switzerland (which, P.S., sounds like the most relaxing place in the universe), people whose extremities are warmer than room temperature are more likely to fall asleep quickly.

Here’s why: Right as we’re about to fall asleep, the central nervous system redistributes heat from the body’s core to our hands and feet. If you can speed this process up—say, with a warm water bottle or snuggly weighted blanket on your tootsies—you can spur on those sleep hormones and better get yourself off to dreamland.

So go ahead and fire up the heating pad. (Or at the very least, forgive your ex.)

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