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This Is the *Worst* Way to Store Herbs, According to a Professional Chef

You go to the farmers market and buy a bundle of stunningly fresh herbs. You’re not quite ready to cook with them yet, so you store them away for future use.

Then, just as you’re about to start whipping up a freshly roasted chicken, you realize that your previously beautiful rosemary and thyme have gotten soggy and gross. Yuck.

According to Dianna Daoheung, executive chef at Black Seed Bagels in NYC, the issue is how you’re storing them. 

“Plastic bags are the worst for both mushrooms and herbs, as it just makes them soggy (not to mention they’re terrible for the environment),” she told us.

Roger that. So what should we use? “Use paper bags to store your mushrooms, or even newspaper,” Daoheung suggests.“For herbs, line a Tupperware with paper towels or a paper bag and store them in there.”

Game changed. 

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