Author Gillian Flynn Talks ‘Sharp Objects’ Finale & the Likelihood of a Second Season
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*Warning: Spoilers ahead*

It’s widely accepted that the HBO adaptation of Gillian Flynn’s debut novel Sharp Objects is not for the faint of heart. And after last night’s chilling series finale, this couldn’t be more apparent.

ICYMI: The final moments of the Jean Marc Vallee–directed (Big Little Lies) series revealed that Camille Preaker’s (Amy Adams) sister Amma (Eliza Scalen) murdered Natalie (Jessica Treska), Ann (Kaegan Baron) and her new friend. It was an ending so jarring that even those who read the 2006 novel were surprised.

Thankfully, Flynn opened up about the shocking ending in a recent interview with Bustle and gave us insight into Amma’s murderous motivation.

When asked about why they chose to expose Amma as the murderer in the show’s last scene, and then in several flashbacks midway through the credits, the best-selling author explained, “We wanted some sort of resolution; we liked that one-two punch. And then the idea of showing Amma is the woman in white at the end, to me is going back to the idea that this is a folkloric fantasy tale at its core, and that ghosts will always still haunt you.” 

Flynn went on to explain why Amma committed the gruesome murders of Natalie and Ann, saying they “trespassed on that bond with her mother.” She also clarified that Amma allowed her mother to poison her because it was “part of the deal: ‘I do this and I get you to myself, you don’t break that bond, that deal that we have made.’” Alas, Adora (Patricia Clarkson) foiled her end of the bargain and went to prison, so Amma left to start a new life with Camille in St. Louis. Unfortunately, her jealousy followed her there and she killed her new friend because she overstepped by expressing admiration for Camille.

All this madness begs the question: Will we ever find out what becomes of these women? When asked if Sharp Objects will pull a Big Little Lies and come back for a second season, Flynn said, “This is not the plan. That is kind of why we ended with that big mic drop.”

Flynn did, however, express interest in writing a sequel to the book, so we’ll keep our fingers crossed.

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