Scrooging Is the New Ghosting (and You Definitely Shouldnt Do It)
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It’s safe to say that 2018 has seen its fair share of weird dating trends: orbitingGatsbying and yes, holidating. Add “scrooging” to the list, which is exactly as cold-hearted and miserly as it sounds.

Inspired by the curmudgeonly character from season classic A Christmas Carol, scrooging means breaking up with someone right before the holidays in order to avoid getting them/their relatives gifts. Talk about a cheapskate!

And it’s not just the dudes who are guilty (read: too lazy to just buy a freakin gift). According to data from dating app Plenty of Fish, women are slightly more likely to scrooge than their male counterparts, while 33 percent of respondents report having experienced this trend firsthand and gottendumped over the holidays.

“Bah humbug,” scrooges! May the ghosts of your failed relationships haunt you on Christmas Eve.

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