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Got a Mini Luke or Leia in the House? The Radio Flyer Landspeeder Has Arrived
Radio Flyer

Got a small person in your house who is always attacking you with lightsabers and/or schooling you in the complex history of galaxies far, far away? Good news: There's now a new, $500 way to delight him or her.

Introducing: The Radio Flyer Luke Skywalker Landspeeder. Modeled after the "sand-pocked and sun-faded" vehicle from Star Wars: A New Hope, the hovercraft (which, shhh, rides on wheels) is perfect for zipping along the deserts of Tatooine. Or, you know, your living room. It seats two inhabitants (ages four and up) and can accommodate up to 130 pounds.

Want buttons that make annoying intergalactic noises? It's got 'em! Want your child zipping around faster than the speed of light? Well, it goes 5 mph. Want adorable Luke and Leia outfits? You'll have to order them elsewhere on the internet. 

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