The Queens Christmas Card List Is 750 People Long (and Heres How She Signs Them)
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With the recent debut of the royals’ Christmas cards this year, we had to ask: Who’s on the mailing list? Does every palace staff member get their very own signed card? 

Well, according to the royal family website, yes. Queen Elizabeth and the Duke of Edinburgh send a Christmas card to 750 people each year, which features a family photo.

The card is signed “Elizabeth R” (the “R” standing for Regina, meaning queen) and “Philip” (how casual!) and features their official cyphers (which are basically just their monograms).

Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip send their Christmas cards to family (Meghan and Harry definitely get one), friends (us…hopefully) and members of the Royal Household (palace staff and secretaries), along with political “friends” like British and Commonwealth prime ministers, governors-general and high commissioners. 

Then, Philip takes it the extra mile and sends an additional 200 cards to his BFFs and organizations he supports. You go, P.P.

So, can this count as our formal request to add our names to the list? (We’ve been very good this year, Your Highness.)

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