What Name Will Prince Charles Use When He Becomes King?
Samir Hussein/Getty Images

Sure, Queen Elizabeth already appointed Prince Charles as her successor, but it appears the soon-to-be king is planning on shaking up the monarchy family tree when he takes over the throne.

According to Town & Country, many royal aficionados are predicting a name change in the prince’s near future. The reason is simple and has everything to do with the previous kings who share his moniker.

If you need a brief history lesson, you should know that King Charles I was executed for treason in 1649. His son King Charles II didn’t have the greatest reputation either, considering he had several love affairs and the Great Fire of London during his rule.   

So, what will Prince Charles be called when he becomes king? The possibilities are endless, but there’s a good chance he’ll opt for one of his middle names. (His full name is Charles Philip Arthur George.)

With his two predecessors, can you really blame him?

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