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Real talk: We spend a lot of time on our phones. Which means that we also spend a great deal of time stabbing our screens in an attempt to fix our atrocious spelling mistakes. Until now.

Thanks to one savvy iPhone user, those days of dragging our fingers across the screen in order to locate the erroneous letter (or letters, as is often the case) are over.

Here’s the far easier way to fix a sloppy typo, per Twitter user Charlie: “If you click and hold the spacebar, you can move the cursor instead of trying to drag the cursor itself with your fat thumb.”

We tried it and can confirm that it does indeed work and is a definite time-saver. (But hey, our thumbs aren’t fat, they’re big-boned.)

And here’s the really mind-blowing part, as revealed by another user. “Newsflash guys, it doesn’t have to be the space bar, you can click and hold anywhere on the keyboard and it does it.”

Now if only there was a way to unsend that embarrassing text we accidentally sent to our boss yesterday…

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