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Kate Winslet just did something James Cameron was too wimpy to do. (Hint: Jack lives.)

During last night’s episode of The Late Show, host Stephen Colbert questioned Winslet on pretty much everything anyone’s ever wanted to ask the Titanic star, and it resulted in a beautiful reenactment with a director’s cut Winslet twist. Sure, we can’t deny that the “Draw me like one of your French girls” discussion and Matthew McConaughey almost playing Jack (gasp!) confession deserve honorable mentions, but the real fun begins at the three-minute mark when Colbert brings up the famous “I’ll never let you go, Jack” scene.

Here’s how it went down: When Colbert accuses Winslet of lying because, well, she did let him go, she pleads guilty. But not so fast, Rose. She then averts the conversation to the unthinkable and says Jack didn’t try hard enough to get on the door (blasphemy!). At long last, she suggests a reenactment, and movie magic ensues.

Using Colbert’s desk as a prop, Winslet climbs onto the “door” and the scene begins. After getting into character (shivers and all), they recite the iconic lines until Rose (Winslet) tells Jack (Colbert) to join her on the floating debris, saying, “There’s room for two.” The scene ends with Jack resting comfortably alongside his lady love.

Now that, Mr. Cameron, is art.

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