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The One Thing You Can Do to Stop Receiving Those Pesky Junk Calls

Scenario: your phone's buzzing, and it’s from a number that’s almost identical to yours. It’s not Mom or Dad…but what if it’s your hometown’s library calling about that book you never returned?

Surprise! It’s actually a robot offering you a free vacation to Orlando. (Wow, thanks). So now you’ve wised up. But you get about three random calls a day from your area code, and it’s pretty damn annoying. We feel ya. Here’s how to stop robocalls.

What are "robocalls" exactly? Basically, scammers are calling you through internet programs that change their real phone numbers to look like they’re from your area code. There’s tons of free robocalling software online, which makes it as easy for a rando guy in his basement to call you at 2 p.m. on a Tuesday as it is for a big scamming company.

How do I stop it? Whatever you do, do not press one for more information. If you do, it signals to the software that you're a real, live person, and robocallers often keep lists of all the suckers who respond and will probably sell this info to other callers…which means you’ll get even more calls.

Any other steps I can take to be super safe? If you haven’t already, add your number to the National Do Not Call Registry. You can also download a couple great apps: Nomorobo hangs up on robo calls for you, while YouMail automatically tells scammers that your number is out of service.

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