This Magical Thermos Makes Iced Coffee in Under a Minute (and We Need It Immediately)

On the list of things we love: Iced coffee. On the list of things we hate: Paying $4 for something we could clearly make at home. (Although grinding beans, figuring out how the hell to use a French press, brewing the coffee ourselves and putting it in the fridge overnight doesn’t exactly sound like fun.)

Introducing the HyperChiller, which takes your normal cup of hot coffee and, using two stainless steel chambers of ice, cools the coffee without watering it down. Oh, and it does this in under a minute. Genius. 

We know what you’re thinking: That sounds like it costs a bazillion dollars. But believe it or not, it’s available for $30 on Amazon.

Oh, and it also works for iced tea, chilled whiskey, wine and basically any other liquid you’d like to chill in 60 seconds or less.

Is it possible to be in love with a thermos? Asking for a (highly caffeinated) friend.

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