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Major Retweet: Heres Why ‘OITNB Actress Danielle Brooks Makes Zero New Years Resolutions
Mark Davis/Getty Images

Taystee may have more than a few resolutions after the cliffhanger of season five, but the actress who portrays her, Danielle Brooks, does not.

Brooks opened up to In Style about why she doesn’t set goals at the beginning of each year. She said it’s because “my life feels as if it’sconstantly in flux.” We don’t know about you, but that statement hits home for us.

She said it used to be all about superficial goals, like losing weight. “Now it’s more like, ‘I want to be healthier and stronger.’ If I’m feeling powerful, who cares whether I’m a size 14 or 16?” Brooks said.

Like resolutions, goals require a steadfastness and dedication to achieve. But Brooks said that nurturing the important objectives takes time and can’t be done in a hurry:

“I think of my goals as newborn babies. I might need some friends and family to help me take care of them at first. (Though, just like with babies, if I bring too many people around, my dreams might get sick, infected by negativity.) So, when I put things out into the universe, I do it carefully and share them with those who encourage my aspirations—the ones who give me the boost I need. Nourish my dreams as if they were hungry little babies, full of promise and possibility—now, that’s a resolution I can get behind all year long.”

Same, girl. Same.

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