Constance Wu Reveals What It Was *Really* Like Working with Awkwafina in ‘Crazy Rich Asians’
Sanja Bucko/Getty Images

It was summer's rom-com to remember: Crazy Rich Asians gave us wedding inspo, travel inspo and how-to-deal-with-mother-in-law dramatics inspo with actress Constance Wu leading the charge. Still, the most memorable moments in the film placed Wu opposite a VIP actress and scene-stealer: Awkwafina, who played her on-screen BFF.

We caught up with Wu at an American Express event in New York for Pay It Plan It, a cardholder feature that allows users to set their own payment schedule, for an exclusive chat about what it was really like between the two on set.


“Awkwafina and I just got along right off the bat,” she says. “Just to have an actor as good as she is and as open and free. She upped my game. We went off script 75 percent of the time.”

This certainly explains why their chemistry in the film feels so authentic. And since it has been confirmed that the original cast of CRA will *all* be back for the sequel, we can't wait for more.

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