Blake Lively Makes Directorial Debut with New Taylor Swift Music Video (& We Bet You Missed These Easter Eggs)

We weren't ready for this iconic collab.

It's a well-known fact that Taylor Swift and Blake Lively are good pals (so much so that Swift included the names of Lively's kids on her folklore album). But Swift totally surprised fans when she announced that Lively would be directing the video for her new song “I Bet You Think About Me.”

The clip—which premiered early this morning—is Lively's directorial debut, and she also wrote the story for the video alongside the “Love Story” singer.

In the video, Miles Teller stars as one of Swift's former flames, who is preparing for his wedding day. However, Swift appears to Teller in visions where she causes chaos at his wedding, doing things like jamming her fist into the wedding cake, teaching kids how to give someone the finger, making drunken speeches and more.

Amongst the hilarious mayhem Swift causes, the video was also stuffed with Easter eggs that could be easily missed, but fans were quick to point them out.

The single is one of the newly-released “vault tracks” from Red (Taylor's Version), the latest in Swift's efforts to re-record her first six studio albums in order to have control over the masters of her work.

And Lively and Swift were sure to make loads of references to the Red era. Take, for instance, how Swift gifts the bride with a red scarf, which is the same scarf that is the centerpiece to her “All Too Well” song and short film.

One tweet pointed this out and said, “SHE GAVE AWAY THE SCARF SHE’S MOVED ON FROM PAST.”

The wedding cake in the video also featured the same logo design from the Red ring that Swift is selling in her store...but that wasn't all. As one fan pointed out, it also featured Swift's lucky number, 13, and the number 26, which is where “I Bet You Think About Me” falls on the album's tracklist.

Fans also thought Swift was hinting at the next album she is going to re-record, because the cake featured shapes of birds on it, just like the ones featured on her 1989 album cover.

Swift also made reference to her Red tour by donning the same top hat.

And in case you didn't catch it: Teller's bride in the video was played by his real-life wife, Keleigh Sperry.

To fit in with the “Red” theme of the album, everything that's colored white in the video, like the wedding cake and gift boxes and even Swift's dress, turns bloody red by the ending.

We should've known that a Swift/Lively collab would have us talking for days.

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