Why Arya Stark Will Never Complete Her Kill List

*Warning: Season 8 spoilers ahead*

Some people like to recite a fairy tale or sing a lullaby before bed. Others, like Arya Stark, reel off a list of all the people they’re planning on murdering. And over the last seven and a half seasons, Arya made some good progress on her list. (Not to mention, killing a few people who weren’t even on her list—like the Night King.)

But now that there's just one more episode remaining of Game of Thrones, who’s left on Arya’s kill list?

Reminder: Before season eight kicked off, Arya Stark had six people left on her kill list: Cersei, Ilyn Payne, the Mountain, the Hound, Melisandre and Beric Dondarrion.

And now her list is significantly shorter. Melisandre and Beric both died in season eight, episode three: “The Long Night.” After fulfilling her life’s purpose in defeating the Night King, Melisandre took off her magical necklace and died peacefully outside of Winterfell. As for Beric, he sacrificed himself to save Arya’s life during the Battle of Winterfell. Then in last week's episode, “The Bells,” the Hound battles his Frankenstein brother in an epic fight. Just when it seems like the Mountain will never die, the Hound stabs his nemesis in the head and then sacrifices himself by throwing them both off the side of the castle and into pits of flames. (Did we cheer out loud when this happened? Absolutely.)

Finally, in one of the most disappointing deaths in TV history, Cersei appears to have died alongside Jaime Lannister when she was crushed by the crumbling Red Keep (thanks, Daenerys).

That means that there's just one person left on Arya’s list: Ilyn Payne for his role in executing Ned Stark. But here's the problem—we haven’t seen him since season two, so it’s unclear where Arya will find him or if he's even still alive after Dany burned the city to the ground.

Our prediction? Arya will forget all about Ilyn Payne and add a new name to her kill list—Daenerys Targaryen. And if anyone can get the job done, she can.

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