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Maybe it’s because it reminds us of ballgames and county fairs, but something about food on a stick just feels like summer. (Bonus: Your other hand stays free to Instagram.) Get your hands on these portable eats while you still can.

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NY foodstick list1

Bacon on a Stick at Landhaus

Does New York really need another reason to be obsessed with bacon? One bite of the thick-cut, maple-glazed goodness and you’ll realize yes, yes it does.

Multiple locations in Brooklyn;

NY foodstick list2

Frozen S'more at Dominique Ansel Bakery

We’re not entirely sure how this is both toasted and frozen, but whatever wizardry is involved, we’re not mad about it. 

189 Spring St. (at Sullivan St.); 212-219-2773 or

NY foodstick list3

PopGelato at Popbar

Once you’ve had a customizable gelato pop with toppings like caramel corn and crushed waffle cone, there’s no going back to the freezer aisle. 

5 Carmine St. (at Sixth Ave.); 212-255-4874 or 

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NY foodstick list4

Twister at Turntable Chicken Jazz

Imagine one continuous spiral-cut French fry, drizzled with ketchup and wasabi mayo. Yeah, we’ll take ten.

314 Fifth Ave. (at 32nd St.); 212-714-9700 or

NY foodstick list5

Cotton Candy at Handsome Dan's

This may look like your ordinary carnival concession, but in flavors like Earl Grey and rose, it’s a major upgrade for your sweet tooth. 

Locations in Manhattan and Brooklyn;

NY foodstick list6

Lobster Tails from Luke's Tail Cart

What’s the fanciest thing you can eat on a stick? If you answered lobster tails, you are correct.

Inside Whole Foods Market, 238 Bedford Ave. (at N. Fourth St.), Brooklyn;

NY foodstick list7.21

Paletas from La Newyorkina

Not only are these pops oh so refreshing (blackberry-limeade-mango-cucumber-coconut, anyone?), but they’re also ridiculously photogenic.

Multiple locations in Manhattan, Brooklyn and Queens;

NY foodstick list8

Swingle at Steve's Authentic Key Lime Pies

A Swingle is a frozen, chocolate-dipped miniature key lime pie on a stick--in other words, the perfect food.

185 Van Dyke St. (at Ferris St.), Brooklyn;

NY foodstick list9
Habana Outpost

Grilled Corn from Habana Outpost

You really can’t go wrong with Mexican-style corn, grilled to perfection and enjoyed under a rainbow umbrella.

757 Fulton St. (at S. Portland St.), Brooklyn; 718-858-9500 or

NY foodstick list10

Raspberry Basil at People's Pops

When it’s really hot out (so…now), all we want is one of these super-fresh pops. And with flavors like blackberry lemongrass and plum hibiscus, we’re pretty sure they count as a serving of fruit.

Multiple locations in Manhattan and Brooklyn;

NY foodstick list11

Pie Pop from Pie Corps

Finally, a way to eat pie (in flavors like peach cobbler and chocolate pudding) without the inconvenience of having to use a fork.

77 Driggs Ave. (at Monitor St.), Brooklyn; 917-721-3052 or

NY foodstick list12
Shake Shack

Corn Dog at Shake Shack

Public service announcement: Shake Shack has corn dogs at its Upper East Side location, for a limited time. Don’t walk--run.

154 E. 86th St. (at Third Ave.); 646-237-5035 or

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