The 10 Best Outdoor Grills for Aspiring and Expert Grill Masters Alike

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Summer is *finally* here, which means one major thing: It’s grilling season, baby. We tapped our cookout-loving staff and LongHorn Steakhouse Executive Chef Michael Senich for their recommendations, just in time for outdoor dining. Whether you’re looking for gas or charcoal, heavy-duty or budget-friendly, here are the best outdoor grills to use summer after summer.

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When To Choose A Gas Grill

Gas grills provide great temperature control and heat up quickly when you need to use it. At LongHorn Steakhouse, we use two types of gas grills to cook our signature, fresh steaks: a charbroil grill and a flattop grill,” says chef Senich. “The open flame charbroiler is similar to a grill that you would have in your backyard, while the flattop grill is best for searing fresh, boneless steaks, fresh chicken and fish.”

He recommends looking for a model with burners that can provide at least 12,000 BTUs to get a great sear on meat. “You also want cooking grates that are heavy-duty rolled stainless steel or cast-iron. Stainless steel will last longer and cast-iron will retain heat better,” Senich says.

The Best Gas Grills:

weber gas grill 1
Home Depot

1. Weber Genesis Ii E-315 Propane

Chef Senich's top pick

This charbroil grill is high quality but still very easy to use. Chef Senich explains, “The open flame helps render the rich marbling in steak and create a slightly smoky flavor, and this grill includes three powerful burners to help do so. Its porcelain-enameled, cast-iron cooking grates provide great heat retention, and it has 669 square inches of cooking space to handle all of your grilling needs. Plus, it carries a ten-year warranty.”

best outdoor grills nexgrill 720
Home Depot

2. Nexgrill Model 720 Series Propane

Chef Senich's runner-up

If you’re looking for something more affordable, this Nexgrill model is a great choice. “It features four stainless steel burners with 12,000 BTUs each,” says chef Senich, adding that the massive stainless steel grates give you a whopping 462 square inches of cooking space. That means you can make the whole fam’s burgers in one shot. “Plus, it provides a five-year burner warranty.”

best outdoor grills broil king gem
Home Depot

3. Broil King Gem 320

Best for small gatherings

If you typically only grill for you and your roommates or your small family, there's no need to wheel a behemoth into your backyard. Instead, opt for this durable Broil King grill that boasts a 295-square-inch cooking space, three stainless steel burners, porcelain-coated cast iron cooking grids and electronic ignition. The drop-down side shelves make it easy to keep tools and ingredients within reach while you grill. Despite its size, the main burner provides 24,000 BTUs, so you're guaranteed a killer sear on everything from chops to chicken.

best outdoor grills nexgrill 5 burner
Home Depot

4. Nexgrill 5-burner Propane With Side Burner And Condiment Rack

Best for serving crowds

"If you're flipping burgers, chicken and hot dogs, or just looking for a backyard workhorse, then this is your grill," assures our senior podcast producer (and avid griller) Matt Bogart. It has 618 square inches of cooking space, so you can tackle multiple dishes at once without breaking a sweat. The porcelain-coated stainless steel burners, flame tamers and quality grates keep heat high and evenly distributed as you cook. We're also big fans of the handy front condiment tray (mustard! ketchup! steak sauce!), side shelves and prep area, so you can see every batch of cheeseburgers through from start to finish without ever leaving your post. Did we mention it includes a five-year warranty?

When To Choose A Charcoal Grill

If you prefer charcoal grills, chef Senich has some sound advice. “Charcoal grills take a little more finesse to prepare for cooking, and they take longer to heat up and cool down. However, you can get great flavors when cooking with a charcoal grill.” They’re also typically much smaller than gas grills, making them more appropriate for smaller outdoor spaces.

The Best Charcoal Grills:

kamado charcoal grill 1
Home Depot

1. Vision Grills Kamado Pro Model S-4c1d1

Chef Senich's top pick

“This grill is one of the best values for its size,” says chef Senich. “With 604 square inches of cooking space, it has a port to insert an electric charcoal starter and multiple vents to help you adjust your cooking temperature from slow-and-low cooking to high-heat searing. It’s very well built and carries a five-year warranty. I personally own this grill and love it!”

weber charcoal grill 2
Home Depot

2. Weber Original Kettle Premium 22” Charcoal Grill

Chef Senich's runner-up

Another favorite of his? This reasonably priced, classic charcoal grill.This is a quality charcoal grill with a large enough cooking surface (363 square inches) to set up an indirect cooking area,” explains chef Senich. “It also has a unique one-touch cleaning system for easy clean-up and comes with a ten-year warranty.” If you need more convincing, some of our staff members swear by this pick. Bogart is also a fan of this pick, and refers to it as "the Swiss army knife" of outdoor cooking, since it can grill, smoke, barbecue and bake.

best outdoor grills big green egg
Big Green Egg

3. Xlarge Big Green Egg

Best kamado grill

Best known for their oval, or egg-like, shape, kamado grills are traditional Japanese-style ceramic grills. "When it comes to smoking and searing meats, it doesn't get any better," Bogart says. That's because ceramic is a great insulator, so your grill can reach super high temps and will stay hot for hours at a time without needing to adjust the vents. While kamado-style grills tend to be a bit on the pricey side, the Big Green Egg comes with a lifetime warranty that many other manufacturers don't offer. So, in Bogart's words, "pay once and cry once"—you'll be glad you did.

best outdoor grills char broil kettleman
Bed Bath and Beyond

4. Char-broil Kettleman Charcoal 26-inch Grill

Best for beginners

If you're on the hunt for your first outdoor grill, there's no need to empty your savings account just to hone your skills. We like this pick from Char-Broil because it's compact, easy to transport and affordable. Grill, smoke, roast or bake your favorite summer dishes on porcelain-coated cooking grates. The grill also comes equipped with an oversized damper, which not only controls the cooking temperature and helps you save on charcoal, but it also prevents flare ups from happening while you cook.

When To Choose A Pellet Or Electric Grill

Pellet grills or pellet smokers (aka outdoor cookers that use hardwood pellets as fuel) are like a hybrid between an oven, charcoal smoker and gas grill. They infuse food with a woody, smoky flavor that screams summer. They're also wonderful for cooking things low and slow for a loooong time.

Electric grills' perks are more about the environment. They don't use gas to run or release carcinogens into the air or your food. There are also plenty of electric grills that can be used indoors as well, so you can get your steak on any time of year.

The Best Pellet and Electric Grills

best outdoor grills traeger
Traeger Grills

1. Traeger Pro 575 Wood Pellet Grill

Best pellet grill

Fueling your grill with wood may sound old-school and rustic, but this Traeger appliance is beyond high tech. WiFire technology allows you to monitor and operate your grill from anywhere using an app, so you can step away and enjoy the party without stressing over the food. It's great at maintaining exact temperatures for extended periods of time and is equipped with porcelain-coated grill grates and all-terrain wheels. We also love the included meat probe, which allows you to monitor the temperature of your food without lifting the lid and letting out all the heat.

best outdoor grills george foreman
Bed Bath and Beyond

2. George Forman Indoor/outdoor Electric Grill

Best for grilling on a budget

Instead of buying an expensive outdoor grill for the summer and an additional indoor grill for the off-season, settle for this gem that can do both. Just connect the removable stand to the bottom when you want to head to the yard, or pop the grill on your kitchen counter when weather gets in the way. The non-stick aluminum, 240-square-inch cooking surface is enough space to prepare 15 servings of food at once.

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