Netflix’s new film When We First Met combines everything we loved about My Best Friend’s Wedding and The Time Traveler’s Wife into a perfect little Adam Devine package.

The streaming service is set to release an all-new rom-com next month, When We First Met, and we’d be surprised if it doesn’t receive the same reaction as A Christmas Prince.

When We First Met tells the story of Noah Ashby (Devine), a hopeless romantic who suddenly realizes he’s in love with his newly engaged best friend, Avery Martin (Alexandra Daddario). But things take an, er, interesting turn when Noah discovers an old photo-booth-cum-time-machine and travels back to when they first met in an attempt to convince Avery he’s the man of her dreams. Hilarity, confusion and stalker accusations ensue.

Watch the hilarious trailer below:

When We First Met hits Netflix on Friday, February 9. Only ten more days…

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