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Heres What the Queen Gives Her Staff for Christmas (Hint: Its Best Served Warm)
WPA Pool/Getty Images

The lady who drives a Bentley limo with a custom hood ornament probably gives the most BA gifts. And while we don’t know what Meghan and Kate are getting this year for Christmas (probably a few more houses, TBH), we do know what the queen gets the palace staff.

According to the royal family website, the queen gives out Christmas pudding to more than 1,500 people (that’s A LOT of pudding), each with their own signed Christmas card from herself and Prince Philip. These puddings are usually purchased in bulk from iconic British department stores like Fortnum & Mason or Harrods (although last year it was budget grocery Tesco, so the queen was definitely a thrifty gifter in 2017). They’re given to staff throughout the palaces, staff in the court post office and the palace police.

But, what exactly is a Christmas pudding? It’s a traditional English dessert composed of dried fruits held together by egg, rum or brandy, suet, treacle and molasses and flavored with cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves, ginger and other spices…and, sure?!

We can’t knock it ’til we try it, but we’d prefer the queen’s go-to, a glass of gin and Dubonnet, with Gan-Gan instead. (You in, Your Highness?)

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