‘Skin Contact’ Is the Next Wine Term You Need to Know (and Itll Totally Impress Your Somm)
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You’re over rosť and you’re not feeling a red tonight, but you want something interesting—what’s a wine drinker to do? Don’t fret: Thanks to wine expert Marissa Ross, we’re all about skin-contact bottles.

Here’s why it’s the next wine term you should seek out:

Basically, skin-contact wines are white wines made like red wines: White wine grapes are fermented with the skins on (for anywhere from days to months), giving them a deep color and uncharacteristic flavor. It also means they’ll have similar tasting characteristics to red wines: think more tannic, yet still acidic with minerality. And before you say, “Um, isn’t that just orange wine?” hear us out: Skin-contact wines might be orange…but they also might be pale gold, yellow or almost red in color. (Trust us: Don’t order wine based solely on color. Just don’t!)

Might we suggest a crisp, approachable skin-contact Friulano for beginners? Or if you can handle something more polarizing, look for a bottle from Georgian Kisi grapes.

Plus, what’s more fun than schooling that *fancy* sommelier when you ask for the skin-contact bottle? (Other than drinking it, of course.)

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