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Heres Why You Should Ditch That Light Pink Rosé Once and for All
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We get it: Rosé is trendy. From rosé mansions to celebrity bottles, we’re seeing pink all. The. Time. But the baby pink rosé that’s proliferating every corner of the universe Instagram isn’t the only type of pink wine you can drink. 

Our super hot take? You should try a darker-hued rosé.

Why? This might come as a shock, but…rosé is a broad and nuanced category of wine (and not every bottle was made solely for a millennial’s Instagram opportunity). The most popular varietals—today, light pink Provençal rosés—actually represent only one flavor profile.

And as much as we love an easy sipper, darker rosés are often much more complex and flavorful than their lighter cousins. It’s all thanks to fermentation: The color of a wine is based on how long it is left fermenting with its skins. Due to longer skin contact, these babies are both quaffable and warming, with notes of spicy red fruits and just enough tannins to leave you wanting more. (Don’t worry, they’re not sweeter. High-quality rosé wines should contain almost no residual sugar.) Might we suggest a Spanish rosado?

Look, we know you’re not shallow or anything…but we’ve gotta say it: We’ve all got to stop judging a wine by its color…or something.

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