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*Warning: Spoilers ahead*

  • The backstory of one the original hosts is finally revealed.
  • Charlotte discovers Maeve’s hidden talent.
  • Dr. Ford presses Akecheta for answers.

Season two, episode eight of Westworld, titled “Kiksuya,” showed viewers how the Native Americans ended up in the park. Here’s what went down. 

native american Martin Sensmeier westworlld
John P. Johnson/HBO

The Camp

The episode opens on the Man in Black/William (Ed Harris), who is passed out at the Native American camp. When Akecheta (Zahn McClarnon) approaches him, he seems pleased he’s still alive. He says he remembers him from another life, and although he knows William wants to take the easy way out (aka die), he doesn’t deserve it.

Across camp, the little girl who was captured in episode seven is watching from afar. In an attempt to comfort her, Akecheta walks over and dives into a story about his former “beautiful” existence, which was ripped away after he found something that changed his life forever.

In a flashback, Akecheta wakes up next to a young woman, Kohana (Julia Jones), and then ventures through streets of Westworld, which are covered with dead bodies. When he reaches the saloon, he enters only to find a bottle of alcohol sitting on the bar, along with—wait for it—a detailed map of the maze.

westworld episode 8 desert
John P. Johnson/HBO

The Exit

In Westworld, Akecheta is riding his horse through the desert when he stumbles on Logan Delos (Ben Barnes), who is stranded, naked and going mad from the sun. Triple whammy. Through gibberish mumbles, Logan manages to say, “There’s got to be a way out of here,” before adding, “This is the wrong world!” Join the club, Logan.

After giving his blanket to Logan (awwww), Akecheta rides his horse farther than he’s ever gone before in an attempt to find an exit. When he reaches the border, he sees what appears to be a door. Jackpot.

Back at camp, Akecheta spots Kohana, who is only a stranger to him now that their stories have changed. Still, that doesn’t stop him from kidnapping her in the middle of the night and bringing her to the exit.

The next day, she immediately recognizes him when he washes his face paint off. Akecheta explains they’re in the wrong world and, in turn, must find a way out.

When they arrive, the door is nowhere to be found. Nevertheless, Akecheta seems confident they can find it…together.

julia jones westworld season 2
John P. Johnson/HBO

The Alterations

Right on cue, Akecheta returns from hunting only to find two Westworld workers loading Kohana into a dune buggy and taking her back to the mesa. Womp, womp. When he gets back to camp, he’s distraught to discover Kohana has been replaced by a new host (aka a “ghost”).

Still, Akecheta is determined to find her. Since the only option he hasn’t tried is death, he casually walks up to a guest and lets him stab him in the stomach, natch.

At the mesa, Akecheta is being examined by techs, who are genuinely shocked when they realize he hasn’t been updated in over a decade. You see, hosts are only given new software when they die, which means this Native American is very capable of fending for himself.

“And this time, I came out breathing fire,” he says of the update.

Cut to a montage of Akecheta slaying guests and riding his horse through the desert like the badass that he is.

maeve westworld season 2 episode 8
John P. Johnson/HBO

Maeve's Fate

Meanwhile, Lee (Simon Quarterman) is wheeling Maeve (Thandie Newton) on a gurney toward a tech, who wants nothing to do with yet another injured host. That all changes when Lee reveals she can control the other hosts with her mind. Of course, the tech wastes no time cutting Maeve open in an attempt to extract her software.   

Later on, Lee pulls up a chair next to Maeve’s mangled body and tells her that he never meant for any of this to happen. When the tech returns, he insinuates that the only “special” part about Maeve was the code inside her head and says her fate is now in Charlotte’s (Tessa Thompson) hands. Dun dun dun.

westworld Zahn McClarnon shogun world
John P. Johnson/HBO

The Maze

Akecheta explains that he dedicated his life to sharing the maze. He tells the little girl that he was only trying to warn her and Maeve when he approached them in the house, but his intentions were—understandably—misconstrued.

Later on, Akecheta spots bright lights in the distance and ventures away from the camp. He discovers Dr. Ford (Anthony Hopkins) sitting among a slew of scalped Native Americans (yikes). When Ford demands to know where Akecheta found the maze and why he’s sharing it, he explains that he’s honoring his tribe by spreading the truth.

Ford says that when the Deathbringer comes for him, Akecheta will know when to lead his tribe to the new world. Erm, what? 

charlotte westworld season 2 episode 8
John P. Johnson/HBO

The Communication

At the Mesa, Charlotte discovers Maeve is subconsciously passing data to other hosts. This is a massive breakthrough, considering no one has been able to regain access to the admin since the host takeover…except Maeve. 

While Charlotte ponders who this host is communicating with, Maeve nonchalantly sends a message to—you guessed it—Akecheta and the little girl.

So. Many. Questions. Westworld returns to HBO on Sunday, June 17, at 8 p.m. ET/ 6 p.m. PT.

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