High-Five Your Work Wife: New Study Shows How Women Help Each Other Advance
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You and your work bestie Gchat when you’re bored, grab coffee when you’re falling asleep at your desk and cheer each other on when you nail a big presentation. You could also, new research suggests, be helping each other advance your careers.

That’s according to a study on West Point cadets published in the Journal of the American Economic Association and analyzed in the Harvard Business Review 

Researchers Nick Huntington-Klein and Elaina Rose collected their data from the 1976 to 1984 West Point yearbooks. They found that female cadets did significantly better when they were placed in groups of cadets with more women peers. On top of that, “The addition of one woman peer reduces the gender progression gap by half.” 

Even outside of a military context, working alongside other women creates a sense of support and community that facilitates and promotes success. 

Sisters really are doin’ it for themselves.

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