And the Most Liveable City in the World Is...Drumroll, Please

Each year the Economist Intelligence Unit compiles a ranking of more than 100 cities judged on their liveability, and although Melbourne found itself in the top slot for the past seven years, the baton has been passed off to another international city: Vienna.

This is the first time the Austrian metropolis has been named the world's Most Liveable City but to be honest it was on our travel bucket list way before we knew it was such a wonderful place to settle down.

the vienna opera house
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Vienna is a hot tourist destination for anyone interested in touring historic cathedrals and palaces, spending an evening at the opera or stuffing your face with delicious dessert pastries. Basically it's a trip literally everyone can enjoy.

So it should come as no surprise that it's also the best place to live.

the view from st stephen cathedral in vienna austria
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The EIU's annual survey takes into account 30 different factors all related to safety, health care, educational resources, infrastructure and the environment. Over the past 10-plus years Melbourne, Vancouver and Vienna have routinely placed in the top three spots with Vancouver and Melbourne each taking turns are number one.

But 2018 through a real curve ball with Vienna unseating the Aussies as the most liveable city and Osaka sneaking into the number three slot.

a traditional christmas market in vienna
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Vienna is one of only two European cities to break into the top ten (the other is Copenhagen in ninth place). The other eight are split between Canada and Australia.

Needless to say, those lucky enough to call Vienna their hometown are probably pretty excited right about now. You go, guys.

Head over to the Economist to learn more about what makes Vienna so very special. And maybe start planning your own international move.

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