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*Warning: Spoilers ahead*

  • Jack makes a cameo as an old man.
  • Deja lashes out at Beth and Randall.
  • Kate and Toby finally say “I do.”

This is us finale wedding 2
Ron Batzdorff/NBC

The Dream

The season two finale of This Is Us, titled “The Wedding,” opens on a dream sequence featuring Kate (Chrissy Metz), Kevin (Justin Hartley) and Randall (Sterling K. Brown) sitting theater-style for what appears to be a wedding but is actually a vow renewal ceremony for elderly Rebecca (Mandy Moore) and Jack (Milo Ventimiglia).

During their vows, Jack reveals that Rebecca used to put a note in his lunch every day when he went to work, and they were the highlight of his day. Although the messages stopped when they opened Big Three Construction Company together, he was OK with it because she was there with him every day.

At the reception, Rebecca recalls the open mic night where she met Jack and then performs the song that started it all, Cat Stevens’s “Moonshadow.”

This is us finale kate toby
Ron Batzdorff/NBC

The Venue

In present day, a crew is transforming the grounds around the Pearson family cabin into a Pinterest-worthy venue for—you guessed it—Kate and Toby’s (Chris Sullivan) wedding. Although Toby is anxious about Kate’s nostalgia for her father, she promises him she won’t be a runaway bride. Kate then surprises Toby with a very special used bowtie—the one Leslie Nielsen wore in Naked Gun 33 1/3: The Final Insult—and thanks him for bringing her dream wedding to life.

The moment is interrupted by Kevin, who is arguing on the phone with his co-wedding coordinator (aka Randall) about gift bags. After he hangs up, Kevin reminds Toby that he needs to pick up his parents from the airport. When Toby leaves, Kate asks Kevin if their dad would approve of the wedding, and he confirms the obvious.

this is us finale beth randall
Ron Batzdorff/NBC

The Deja Drama

Meanwhile, Randall and Beth (Susan Kelechi Watson) are at their house putting the final touches on the gift bags when grumpy Deja (Lyric Ross) enters the kitchen. After she exits, Beth admits that Deja hasn’t been the same since her mom, Shauna (Joy Brunson), asked the judge to terminate her parental rights.

When they head upstairs, Randall stops Beth before entering Deja’s room and requests they play a game of “worst case scenario.” Highlights include Deja killing them in their sleep and Deja recruiting Tess (Eris Baker) to become a stripper. (You know, the usual.) 

Randall kevin
Ron Batzdorff/NBC

The Forgotten Item

Back at the venue, Rebecca can’t decide what to wear. She explains to Miguel (Jon Huertas) that she doesn’t want her attire (and mouth) to take away from Kate’s big bridal moment. She says she feels like a walking reminder of Jack, but Miguel is quick to remind her that if anyone is a big fat reminder of Jack, it’s him. Touché, Miguel.

Later that night, Randall heads to the cabin to deliver the gift bags. He and Kevin are unloading the car when they hear Kate panicking inside because Toby forgot to pack her dad’s Daytona T-shirt, which she was planning to pin to the inside of her dress as her “something old.”

This is us finale randall
Ron Batzdorff/NBC

The Crisis

Toby is in the car with his bickering divorced parents, played by Dan Lauria (The Wonder Years) and Wendie Malick (Hot in Cleveland), when he receives a call from Kevin and Randall regarding the Daytona tee. Toby admits he totally forgot to pack the shirt and says he’s going to find a way to get it in time for the wedding.

After breaking the news to Kate, Randall suggests they compile an assortment of Jack’s belongings from around the cabin so she can pick a replacement. He then reminds her that Jack was so much more than a T-shirt.

When Beth and the girls arrive at the cabin, Deja is quick to express her sassy opinion about the “dumpy” venue, which prompts Beth to confide in her cousin Zoe (Melanie Liburd), the wedding photographer, about their foster-care situation. 

This is us finale wedding
Ron Batzdorff/NBC

The Adventure

Meanwhile, Kevin and Randall are trying to impress Kate with their gathered, er, mementos, but she assures them she has it covered and says she needs to run a quick errand.

Kate drives to the ice-cream shop she used to frequent with Jack when she was a little girl. Unfortunately, it’s under new ownership, which means they no longer serve her dad’s favorite flavor, banana pudding.

Back at the cabin, Rebecca is worried because she can’t get ahold of Kate. Kevin and Randall set out on a mission to find her, but when they arrive at the ice-cream shop, Kate is already gone.  

this is us finale deja
Ron Batzdorff/NBC

The Calm Before the Wedding

After receiving the OK from Beth, Zoe approaches Deja to try to get her to open up and reveals that Beth is like a sister to her. She explains that her mom left her when she was a little girl, and she took out her anger on Beth’s family, who cared for her. She tells Deja that she eventually woke up and forgot to be angry at the world and began to love the people that loved her. Zoey then excuses herself to start photographing bridal accessories, and Deja appears genuinely touched.

Meanwhile, Toby’s parents sit him down to express their concerns about Kate. They accuse him of bending over backward to calm her “unstable” personality and compare her to his psycho ex-wife, Josie. In a moment of true bliss, Toby interrupts his parents’ unwarranted diatribe and assures them Kate is absolutely, positively the love of his life. He suggests they forget they ever approached him and then excuses himself to go get married.

When Rebecca finally gets through to Kate, the bride-to-be confesses that she can’t stop thinking about her recent dreams in which Jack and Rebecca renew their vows (see above). But when she realizes Toby wasn’t included in her picture-perfect fantasy, she becomes concerned and hangs up on her mom.

this is us finale kevin randall
Ron Batzdorff/NBC

The Goodbye

Kate eventually arrives at the tree stump we saw in the camping-trip episode, where Jack consoled her after she revealed that a young boy down the street called her fat. She removes Jack’s urn from her bag and tells him she needs to let go of him to make room for Toby.

She returns to the car only to find Kevin and Randall waiting for her. They ask her if she finally did it, and she happily confirms she did before immediately suggesting they head back to the cabin, considering her wedding is, like, now.

Back at the cabin, Beth is shocked to see Deja wearing a dress and lip gloss, all thanks to Zoe. Simultaneously, Kate is getting situated in her dress when Rebecca approaches her to apologize for upsetting her on the phone. Kate says she did nothing wrong and admits that all she ever wanted was to be just like her mom. 

This is us wedding finale
Ron Batzdorff/NBC

The Wedding

In a montage, we see tidbits of Kate and Toby’s wedding along with flashbacks of Jack telling young Kate that he will walk her down the aisle one day. Cue the tears.

Later on, Kevin kicks off the speeches by discussing his and Randall’s wedding-planning skills (or lack thereof) before revealing Kate once told him that not allowing yourself to grieve is like taking a deep breath and never letting it go.

After orchestrating a group deep breath, Kevin passes the mic to Randall, who immediately dives into a speech about being a control freak and how he hates not knowing where they’ll be a year from now.

Cut to a series of flash-forwards featuring Kevin and his new girlfriend, Zoe (!!!), traveling to where Jack was stationed in Vietnam, Kate suggesting bedridden Toby make a doctor’s appointment and an older Randall telling grown-up Tess it’s time to “go see her.”

After the toast, Zoe approaches Kevin and compliments his speech. He blushes, sparks fly and so begins the love story of Kevin and Zoe.

Welp, that’s all for season two, folks.

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