Fact: There’s no backhanded compliment more annoying than, “You look great…for your age.” That’s why Thandie Newton is on a mission to banish the filthy saying from our vocabularies. 

The Westworld star teamed up with RoC Skincare for their “For Your Age” campaign and opened up about why she is encouraging change when it comes to insincere compliments. “One of the things that makes a woman feel appreciated is another woman’s encouragement. There’s nothing like it,” she began. 

But while supporting one another can do wonders, it’s not always a top priority. 

“Our society is set up so that women are often pitched against each other—certainly in the way we physically present ourselves,” Newton explained. “It’s like we are in a competition with each other in order to gain appreciation.” Preach. 

So how do we break down this cycle of negativity? Newton has an idea: If someone throws a backhanded compliment your way, ask them to clarify what they mean and try to build understanding. As the Solo: A Star Wars Story star observed, “We gain comfort from someone recognizing how we feel. We don’t feel misunderstood and alone.”

Newton went on to say that her RoC Skincare partnership has “created a moment where we think twice about the qualifier ‘for your age’ and question whether it erases what was intended to be a compliment.” 

Instead she proposes we all tell each other, “I don’t think you look good for your age, I just think you look freaking excellent.” 

Now that’s a novel idea we can get behind. We are women, hear us roar give out sincere compliments like candy. 

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