Plastic Is Out and Prosecco Is In—Prosecco-Infused Straws, That Is
Courtesy of Ruffino

When it comes to straws, plastic is out and sustainable is in—but when push comes to shove, we’re all about Prosecco straws.

You read that right: Ruffino Wine has paired up with artisan candy maker Sweet Saba to create limited-edition straws infused with Prosecco.

Each straw (paper, thank you very much) is topped with a sweet candy charm and boasts tasting notes of elderflower and peach. At $45 for a set of three, they’re a little bit of a splurge…but what’s a toast if not a special occasion? 

We think they’re the perfect pairing for a Prosecco-based cocktail…but we’re also not above sipping one straight out of the package. Cincin!

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