ICYMI: There’s a gigantic heap of trash in the middle of the Pacific Ocean and as convenient as plastic straws are, they sure aren’t helping. Now, Starbucks is doing something about it. 

Today, the coffee retailer announced that it’s stepping up to protect the environment by eradicating plastic straws from its 28,000-plus stores globally by 2020. *Cheers*

Starbucks’ eco-friendly initiative will effectively reduce the production of more than 1 billion plastic straws, which are notoriously difficult to recycle and wreak havoc on animal life, so yeah, this is a pretty big deal.

Instead of plastic straws, the ’Bucks is rolling out recyclable strawless lids that are essentially adult sippy cups. But don’t panic, Frappuccino fans. They’ll still provide paper and compostable plastics straws for those who wouldn’t dare sip from a lid. Oh, and there’s always those reusable tumblers.

Sure, coffee-stained teeth aren’t cute, but we’ll happily grin and bear it if it means protecting the dolphins.

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