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Are You a Social Uplifter? (Its the Most Authentic Way to Instagram)

It's the first thing you do in the morning: Open up Instagram and scroll through for baby pics, flat lay food photos and more. But challenge extended—how often do you actually comment on the pics you see?

If you post a note frequently, you may be a social uplifter. Basically, a social uplifter is someone who doesn't just "heart" the images in her feed; she takes the time to post a sweet and thoughtful reply, too. 

It only takes five to ten seconds to champion the lives of friends (or Insta-friends) with a supportive comment. Social uplifting is all about making digital connections more meaningful and less passive. #Goals

Think about it this way: We all complain about what a drain social media can be. But if you're going to spend hours checking Instagram, being a social uplifter at the same time can give all that scrolling a little purpose, no?

Permission to return to your Instagram feed, granted.

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