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‘The Real Housewives of New York’ Season 10 Episode 11: Frozen Eggs and Liquid Lunch

This particular episode of Dickensian genius, halfway or so through the season, is about two couples: 1. Bethenny and Jill and 2. Tinsley and her mother, Dale. Let’s start with the first one.

Revisiting Bethenny and Jill’s relationship, and how such a close friendship became so poisoned (via Jill Zarin) sheds light on the Bethenny and Carol feud. When they showed the flashback of the infamous Ramona-designed meet-and-greet between the clashing duo, I suddenly remembered how vulnerable Bethenny was—she loved Jill Zarin, a mother figure to her, and truly, deeply wanted to mend their friendship. But Jill was playing for the cameras (a move that, ironically led to her dismissal from the show…my theory at least). Watching that snippet, I realized, “Of course Bethenny isn’t opening herself up to this again.” One sign of betrayal and Bethenny is out the door or, worse, telling you you’re too blonde. The point is, I have more sympathy for Bethenny in regards to Carol with this history in mind.

What brings these women back together? Heartbreakingly, Bobby Zarin’s death. But, as the editors of this franchise have not too subtly eluded: Bobby did not die in vain. He’s the Jesus figure of RHONY who died for our sins. And by “our sins,” I mean, Bethenny and Jill’s sins. He died so that Bethenny could bring Brynn to a shiva call. It’s such strange territory to have cameras outside the funeral hall; but that’s what Bobby would have wanted…because Jill wanted it. She wanted one more moment of screen time, not a dated flashback, but one with with her current hair color. And she got it. As Jill used to say during her tenure on the show, “Marry a man who loves you more than you love him.” Such sweet words. God bless you, Bobby. (Thanks for friending me on Facebook all those years ago.) 

In lighter news, Tinsley’s wax figure of a mother, Dale, visits New York City from the generic South to perpetuate her daughter’s arrested development. I had thought Dale was a little more, uh, composed than her daughter, but these women are two peas in a pod…sorry, I mean, they’re two unfertilized eggs in a wedding dress. Tinsley freaks out tynager-style (a tynanger, in my dictionary of life, is a caricature of a what adults think a teenager is, aka Tinsley) when Dale tells her she pressured Tinsley’s boyfriend, Adam, about having babies—on a boat, no less! And yet, when Dale then suggests they go wedding dress shopping, Tinsley’s like, “Check, please!” And then, while Tinsley is in a wedding dress, she calls her fertility doctor to make sure her frozen eggs don’t thaw because of late payments (yeah, I’m sure the doctor’s handling billing). The doctor then shows the women a photo of Tinsley’s eggs, and they both start sobbing. It’s like Steel Magnolias minus any logic, but it’s such a perfect scene.

Still, I digress, because the most important part of the show was something I didn’t even see coming: the sales rep saying, “Ladies, lunch is served” and presenting a tray with two Champagne glasses. I actually laughed out loud. And that, my friends, is the essence of Housewives—it’s not what your body needs, but it’s exactly what you want.

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