Raindrop Baby Names Are Trending...but Would You Choose One for Your Kid?

You've been keeping a secret from all your BFFs for closing in on ten months 40 weeks now and there's a reason: If one of your preggo friends steals the baby name Noah, so help you...

Turns out, there's a reason you love the moniker so much: It's a raindrop baby name, a succinct (but also multi-syllable) trend that's seriously picking up steam.

What's a raindrop baby name? It's basically the parental art of packing two or more syllables into four or fewer letters. But for it to qualify as "raindrop," it has to simultaneously employ consonant sounds that roll off the tongue. (No sharp stops or hisses and it should lean heavily on consonants like M, L, N, R and Y, according to the experts at Baby Name Wizard.)

In other words, it's all about flow—the perfect raindrop baby name is "mirror-smooth and self-contained" like...a raindrop. (Kind of deep, right?)

The most popular names that fit the bill? Emma, Noah and Liam to name a few. For the record, they're also the names topping the popularity charts the past few years.

So, will you be considering raindrop names for your own offspring? Take a peek at your short list of boy and girl name options—they're probably already on there.

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