You Wont Believe the Delicious Foods the Queen Forbids from the Royal Familys Diet
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We know Queen Elizabeth II is all about a pre-noon cocktail, but she's not so loosey-goosey when it comes to the royal family's diet. 

Darren McGrady, Queen Lizzie's former chef, maintains that Prince William, Kate Middleton and the rest of the royal fam are forbidden from eating garlic in her presence (because she loathes it) or starches at dinnertime (because she, unlike most of us plebeians, thinks they're gross). We get her disgust for vampire deterrent, but starches? Blasphemy, we say! 

And that's not all that's banned from Buckingham Palace. According to BBC, Her Majesty also cracked down on the royal family's consumption of shellfish, rare meats and foreign tap water. Although this seems like more of a CDC health advisory (sans the cruel and unusual lobster deprivation), it warms our heart to see the queen has her family's best interest in mind. 

Drunken mussels and steak tartare are de-licious, but they also pack the unfavorable threat of foodborne illness. And drinking tap water in foreign lands can often lead to not-so-regal time spent on or near the porcelain throne. Because the royal family has such a busy travel schedule and tons of public obligations, they can't afford to get sick from some Red Lobster coconut-battered shrimp.

Let it be known: We might give up sushi if it meant getting brownie points with Queen Lilibet...maybe. 

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