Um, Princess Diana & Prince Charles Only Hung Out 13 Times Before Getting Married
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The Spencers and the royal family’s kinship goes back over a century, but Princess Diana and Prince Charles’s courtship didn’t last quite as long.

In the 2017 documentary In Her Own Words, Princess Diana revealed that she and Charles only met 13 times before they married.

The couple were first introduced in 1977, when Diana was 16 and Charles was 29. Charles was visiting her family’s Althorp Estate in Northamptonshire, England, for a hunting trip, and the two crossed paths in a field. Charles remembered her being “very jolly and amusing and attractive,” in their 1981 post-engagement interview. But, given their age gap, they didn’t get together right away.

In fact, the Prince of Wales dated Diana’s elder sister, Lady Sarah McCorquodale, on and off again for two years until Diana, then 18 and a half, attended a party he was also at and sparks flew. She consoled him about the recent death of his uncle, Lord Mountbatten, and they shared their first kiss. After that, he reportedly invited her on his family’s yacht in August, to Balmoral Castle, the family’s Scottish summer home, in September and then proposed to her in February of 1981.

As the saying goes, first comes love 13 meetings, then comes marriage, then comes Prince William and Prince Harry in the baby carriage.

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