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Peejamas Are the Newest Way to Expedite Potty Training—but Would You Try Them?
Courtesy of Peejamas

You're *this* close to being the mom of a potty-trained toddler, but come the bedtime hour, you're no fool: A diaper is the only way to guarantee you're not stripping the crib sheets at 2 a.m.

Enter Peejamas, a brand-new overnight option designed with ultra-absorbent liners that soak up urine and absorb up to 15 times their weight in liquid so your kid stays blissfully asleep and sheets and mattresses remain dry and stain-free for the entire time they snooze. Even better, the sleepwear concept promises to help tired moms speed up potty training. (Hey, if your little one goes to bed minus the bulk of a diaper, won't they feel like a big kid who doesn't need one and hold it in overnight?) 

To say the least, we're intrigued. But we also have questions: 1) Does this really work? and 2) Is it a little bit gross to let your kids sleep all night in urine-saturated pajamas, even if they are hyper-absorbent? 

Still, the styles—like this animal party option—are the cutest. And the price ($40 a pair) sure does beat the cost of diapers in the long-term. (FYI, the PJs are made to be washed 300 times.)

Bottom line: Cheers to potty training innovation, one unpredictable overnight at a time.

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