A Korean Grocery Store Solved That Whole ‘Bunch of Overripe Bananas’ Thing (and Its Genius)
E-Mart/Background: natthanim/Getty Images

You know the scenario: You buy a bunch of green bananas, set them on your counter to ripen, blink once and—they're all rotten and brown.

But Korean grocery store E-Mart came up with a solution...and we're shocked no one thought of this sooner.

The supermarket is now selling packs of five bananas in progressive stages of ripeness, from perfectly edible to give-it-a-few-days green. The packs are called “haru hana banana” or the “one-a-day banana” and we think it's just genius. Right now, they're only available in Korea, but thanks to a now-viral tweet from @AskAKorean, we're hoping someone stateside takes a hint. (Trader Joe's, you listening?)

Minds. Blown.

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