There are few activities more fun to do on vacation than exploring the glorious outdoors, except perhaps eating at a five-star restaurant and viewing nature from the comfort of your luxurious and cozy bed. This is why we’re totally on board with the recent trend of glamping (aka, glamorous camping) and the latest addition to travel company Off the Map’s list of excursions: a two-day, three-night glamping adventure on Norway’s stunning Lofoten Islands.

sami teepees on the lofoten islands in norway

The breathtaking islands are set in the Norwegian Sea, up above the Arctic Circle, but don’t let their latitude scare you off. July and August temperatures hover around the mid 50s with sunlight hours stretching almost 24 hours a day, making them a dream location for landscape photographers.

people kayaking off the lofoten islands in norway

Off the Map's trip includes three nights in Sami teepees called lavuu that are furnished with full beds, fine linens and traditional Scandinavian decor. You'll also get to enjoy a cruise through the picturesque landscape, a three-course dinner, a tour of a goat farm with the chance to taste-test local artisanal foods and all the glorious hikes your heart desires.

the lofoten islands in norway with crystal blue waters

Guests will also have the chance to kayak through the brilliant blue waters and picnic on the beach while basking in the near perpetual sunlight.

Oh, and did we mention that the islands are less than 10 hours from NYC and the East Coast? So yeah, we’d say that’s a pretty good reason to start brushing up on your Norwegian.

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