Sure, Game of Thrones fans are divided on the subject of whether Bran is the Night King (we vote yes), but there is one thing we can all agree on: The actor who plays the leader of the White Walkers looks totally different in real life. (But, did anyone really think he had blue skin?)

Behold, GoT star and chief Seven Kingdoms villain, Richard Brake, in all his norm-core glory.

The Night King Richard Brake
HBO & Paul Archuleta/Getty Images

As you see, Brake doesn’t have horns coming out of his head or strange striations on his skin. And although he does have blue eyes, they’re definitely not of the I-lead-an-army-of-dead-people variety. Seeing him side-by-side with his character, we kinda see the resemblance, but we can all agree that the GoT prosthetics team is on fire (and ice).

You seem like a reasonable guy, Richard. Could you not ride Viserion to the Iron Throne and take over the whole damn world? Kaythanksbye.

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