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Now that we know Jack Pearson’s cause of death on This Is Us, Milo Ventimiglia has only one request: Don’t blame Crock-Pot.

The This Is Us star stopped by The Ellen DeGeneres Show today and revealed that he hopes Sunday night’s episode will remind viewers to double-check smoke detectors and unplug devices. But when the daytime host hinted that the Pearson’s Crock-Pot caused the fire, the 40-year-old immediately corrected her choice of words. He said, “Slow cooker. Slow cooker. I own a Crock-Pot, I love Crock-Pot.”

This prompted DeGeneres to challenge his defensive remarks, saying, “Are you trying to protect the reputation of a Crock-Pot? Why do you care so much that it’s a slow cooker?”

Ventimiglia went on to explain that fans overlooked the fact that it was an old, faulty Crock-Pot predating the ’90s and quickly directed their hate toward the brand, even though it wasn’t the actual cause of death.

In the wise words of Ventimiglia, “#CrockPotIsInnocent.”

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