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This New Giant Pimple Patch Is the Gentle, Effective (and Kinda Gross) Acne Treatment We’ve Been Waiting For
Courtesy of Hero Cosmetics

Real talk: Adult acne sucks. The only thing worse than finding one pimple is finding a whole cluster of them. And while we’ve tried myriad solutions, pimple patches rank among our favorites—which is why Hero Cosmetics’ Mighty Patch Surface has us intrigued.

(ICYMI, a pimple patch is basically a small hydrocolloid bandage you slap on a zit; it absorbs all the gunk and impurities, thereby reducing the size of the blemish. Gross, but satisfying.)

What’s different about the Mighty Patch Surface? It’s basically a thin, oversize rectangle of the same zit-zapping material, so you can cover larger areas of those aforementioned pimple parties with ease. Aside from being gentle, non-drying and chemical-free, it also protects zits from external bacteria (and our pimple-picking habits). You might ask, couldn’t I just hack this with a blister Band-Aid? Well…yes and no. Blister Band-Aids are thick and highly visible, not to mention not designed for your precious visage. But you do you.

At $18 for a pack of ten patches, the new Might Patch Surface is available online starting today, and our zits are already shuddering.

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